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Nov 26, 2010

Sent this to my friends today…
I gotta get help. This is affecting my life.. and that’s not good.
Maybe someone can help me. This is what friends are for, right?


I’ve been working so hard on my myself and my spiritual journey that a few things have come up.. and seemed to have gotten worse…

My phobia of my son being sick is now affecting my life, as each time he complains of a headache or a tummy ache, I practically shut down. I go haywire and cannot function. I start getting scared, I can’t eat, I won’t sleep, I can do nothing but stress over whether or not he is sick or getting sick.

Yes, I’ve worked through that he’ll be okay. That sickness is normal, that he’ll get better. I’ve gone thru all this in my mind, but recently, just a small headache and I couldn’t sleep or eat until he was better. He didn’t even have a fever. It’s just getting worse instead of better. I do not understand it.. I don’t know how to stop it.
My mind knows the truth, but …. something else is eating away at me.

I cannot figure out what is wrong except there is something I need to resolve and I have no idea how to resolve it alone.

Help and suggestions, anything would be greatly appreciated.
I want to be able to enjoy my son’s youth, but now I’m so terrified that all I do is stress. I don’t know what’s WRONG with me!!! :(

Help me.


I'm Me!

2 thoughts on “Help”
  1. I’m going to try this lady:


    I met her at GGG. She’s part of the SHIFT group. She’d be perfect. I just hope insurance will cover it or my parents will agree to help pay. They do want me to see a shrink. ;) It’d be awesome if they agree to her!!

    I sent her an introductory email.

    As my subject said, I need help. LOL But don’t everyone who contacts you?
    My insurance is Mountain State BC/BS. I didn’t see those listed.
    I like how you present yourself. I think I met you at GGG. I’m having panic attacks about the health of my son. I’ve been working thru spiritual things and this is something that has recently gotten worse. I need help as I feel that every time my son hints at a head ache or tummy ache, I want to run away. (I don’t tho) It’s very scary and I know I need help to figure this out.

    Can’t wait till I hear back from her. Maybe I’ll finally get over this phobia!!

  2. She has accepted me as a patient! ;)
    Well, at least I have my first appointment Monday at 6pm. Thank the gods. Now I gotta figure out how to get Kevin home and get to the appointment on time.
    This is such a relief. I’m sure I won’t be “cured” right away, but I AM sure that I’m going to get better and get my life back on track and be able to enjoy my son again.
    (And as Thorik says, hopefully I will also be less bitchy! LOL)
    I’m so ready for this.
    So NEEDING it.
    It’s wonderful how the synchronicity of this falls into place too, meeting her at GGG and remembering her when I need her and finding out she is in Lawrence and not KC and her having an opening and responding to me the same day making me already feel better and knowing that I WILL get a handle on this and that eventually everything will be okay!

    Thank you Goddess!!!

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