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Hints Kali? Getting to the point of shoves, eh?

Jul 28, 2011
I haven’t said much, because I am not really sure who all reads this..
but a few weeks back I was furious about a happening at work…
and so I applied for a job elsewhere..
The interview went really well, but I never heard back…
and then things at my current job calmed down.. and other “great” things started happening.. so I was like, yeah.. I can hold out for this a while longer..
but no.
Heh,  just as I was goin back to getting comfortable and “handling” my job as is,
The universe says, nuh, uh, time to leave by having my boss send out a note that we will now be studying and taking TESTS
OY! Tests! I finished college. Got a 4.0 …
That is nothing more than an INSULT!
yes goddess, I’m listening,
I’m sending out more job applications
I’m doing the best that I can!
TFIFS  would have been nice.. why’d you stop on that one?
Are you listening?
I’m ready to leave now!
No more , k? Just point me at the job I need to have and I’m all over it!!


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One thought on “Hints Kali? Getting to the point of shoves, eh?”
  1. Update:
    I ended up staying until I moved in 2018.
    I want to say that I never should have stayed. I was never appreciated. If I knew then what I knew now, there would have been a lawsuit because of how I was treated differently as a woman.

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