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hmmm some ideas to stop my cats from fighting?

Dec 10, 2006

Why can’t they just get along!?!?!?
(All it is is hisses and meows, but still!! Jeez!! Neither one has their front claws, there is no damage being done, but they can’t seem to decide who’s gonna be queen!!! *sigh*)


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One thought on “hmmm some ideas to stop my cats from fighting?”
  1. It’s all about establishing dominance and territory! One has to prove who is going to be the alpha, the other may never accept being the second but an uneasy truce will eventually develop. That might seem odd as cat are usually seen as solitary animals however housecats have been know to establish groups or colonies, although no where as social as a dog pack or a lion pride. When one steps back and thinks about it, this is rather common behavior amongst most animals, including us humans. With regards to dogs, my dog is an alpha female and she needs to assert her dominance amongst other females. With regards to people, anyone who has worked or lived in any social interactive situation can, if they step back and look at the situation critically, see such behaviors taking the shape of arguments over things like tools, office products, foods, space, etc. In a sense, the problems that you are Tracy have had can be seen as a struggle to see who is the alpha female, however we all who the true Queen is; all hail the good Queen Kristin! :-)

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