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Feb 1, 2007
Taurus Taurus

April 19 – May 19

A lucky break money-wise could put you into a higher financial bracket than you were two days ago, dear Taurus. Career matters, perhaps those involved with the arts, could be involved in some way. You and your romantic partner will probably want to go out and celebrate your good fortune; however, make sure you don’t overindulge too much. You’ll want to feel absolutely fabulous tomorrow so you can continue to enjoy your success.

Gemini Gemini

May 20 – June 20

A social event could bring a fascinating new someone, perhaps from a different culture, into your life, dear Gemini. This person could end up talking to you for hours about a number of intriguing subjects that interest you both. You could meet some other interesting people as well, and some could become friends, but this person could well end up as a very close friend or a romantic partner. Make sure you exchange phone numbers, and have fun!


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