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How dare I want to have a life outside our home

Apr 15, 2002 #birthday, #life, #son

When was the last time I went out? Hmm.. lets see. I met my brother at a bar one eve when he needed to talk to me. This was before he moved to Oklahoma City, back in August. A while back, yes. Tiz my birthday coming up. I haven’t done anything while hubby stayed home with our son in a very very long time (unless it was work related) My best friend from college wanted to go out to eat or something, and have a drink or two. I thought hubby would have no problem with it.
Silly Me. What WAS I thinking. How DARE I want to go somewhere without my son. HOW DARE I want to leave a SLEEPING child in his care while I go do something different — away from home and work. How DARE I?

*sigh* My weekend. My hubby had Drill. He was gone from the time I got home Friday until Sunday around noon. I spent a very pleasant weekend playing with my son, doing a little yard work, scrubbing and mopping the kitchen floor (did he notice?) and the laundry. hmmm..

A quiz I took.. updated with the newest link. OMG It still exists in 2020
What Flavour Are You? I taste like Smoke.I taste like Smoke.

I’m an unusual taste; I can be strong and potent, or I can be a mere hint, almost not there. I can blow away on the wind, or I can stick to your clothes that you left out when your neighbour was having a bonfire. I’m mean that way. What Flavour Are You?
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