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How much of this is mine…

Jul 27, 2008

The collective energy generated from the feelings, thoughts, and attitudes of the almost six billion people on this planet creates an atmosphere or ‘consciousness climate.’ Surrounding us like the air we breathe, this consciousness climate affects us most strongly on energetic and emotional levels.” — Doc Childre and Howard Martin

Feeling angry, sad or anxious? You might ask, “How much of this is mine?”

Those of us who are sensitive sometimes pick up on emotional, mental or physical energy in the environment. It feels like ours – we really do feel the emotions or physical or mental symptoms. But really, we are processing ‘generic’ energies that belong to others or to humanity as a whole. Opening to the possibility that our experiences may not be completely ours helps us detach from them. When we don’t completely identify with our thoughts and feelings, we gain power over them.

“If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear … as it is, infinite.” — William Blake

I have noticed this. It’s been even stronger in the past 4-5 years.. perhaps even earlier than that.. but it’s definitely there.

When I didn’t recognize it at first, it terrified me. I had feelings that just weren’t me. They weren’t mine and I couldn’t comprehend.. some of the fear.. some of the dread.. but finally, I realized that it wasn’t coming from me.. it was coming from outside of me. From someone else or lots of someone elses. LOL

It was such a relief to realize this. I’m not going to share what gave me the first clue.. it is too devastating that I would ever think or feel such a thing and OMG the relief when I finally made my realization .. the relief was palatable. It was concrete… and in a sense, it saved my sanity.

Since then, I notice it often. Weird feelings.. seemingly from out of no where. I recognize it quicker, these days, but sometimes I have to actually stop and think. What am I feeling. Why am I feeling it. And then I realize, it is not coming from me!!

Sometimes, now, I have to protect myself. But I’m more open now that I found someone I can trust, whom I love. I can be myself with him and not put up barriors, because I can trust that he loves me completely. Such a glorious relief.

But in public. At work and other times… I pick things up and sometimes I have to protect myself. It’s amazing… just the knowledge that it isn’t just me…

I received this from one of my yahoo groups. I have known of it for a while, but I have never found anything (or actually even searched) that verified my thoughts and feelings and understandings of this.

I think now is a good time to begin researching… I will probably share what I discover. ;)


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