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How To Stop People From Emotionally Manipulating You

If you are reading this right now, then chances are you have been manipulated by someone at some point in your life.  There is also a good chance you are being manipulated right now.  Teachers, co-workers, relationship partners, friends, and family are usually the ones who end up manipulating us because we feel as though we can trust them.  Because we feel like we can trust them, we open ourselves up to persuasion, manipulation, and being emotionally abused by them.

If we want to avoid being manipulated, the first thing you have to do is recognize that you are in fact being manipulated.  All this really requires is self-honesty and the willingness to admit to ourselves that we are being taken advantage of.  Once you recognize the problem, you can begin to fix it.  Here are 3 ways to avoid being manipulated and what you can do if you suspect someone is manipulating you:

1. Don’t be scared to say “No” or be selfish

noSomething I have just recently learned is how to love myself enough to say “no”.  Not just “no”, but “hell no” and “absolutely not”.  When you get into the habit of being a people-pleaser because you think it is greater to make other people happy at all costs, you deny yourself your own happiness.  When you do this, you adopt a vibration that is compatible with being on the receiving end of manipulation.

Being energetically predisposed to saying “yes” all the time actually opens you up to being manipulated.  You are actually energetically consenting to attracting a manipulator in your life since your vibration is already aligned with the vibration self-denial and low self-esteem.  You attract what you need to evolve, and if you are too afraid to say “no” or give yourself permission to be selfish once in a while, you are going to give off the smell of weakness.

2. Speak up

Calling people out is a great way to stop an energetic imbalance from continuing to develop or perpetuate.  Put your foot down, and speak with confidence.  Saying something like, “I have a feeling you are trying to manipulate me here for some reason. Why am I picking up on this?” or “What are your intentions for doing/saying this?”.

If you know for sure that someone in your life is manipulative towards you, tell them that.  What do you have to lose?

Chances are, they will fold in on themselves energetically, especially if you speak up from a vibration on confidence and self-certainty.  Remember to make your energy match the result you wish to achieve.  If you confront them from a place of weakness and low self-confidence, you are consenting energetically to being manipulated.

3. Get a read on them

It’s a lot more difficult to be emotionally manipulated by someone when you know what their true intentions are.  If you want to know what someone’s intentions are, forget about the words they are using.  It is estimated that only 7% of communication is actually verbal.  Here are some other things to look out for to try to get a read on someone:

  1. Watch their body language. Are they tight, tense, or using hand gestures to try to deceive you?
  2. Watch their eyes.  Are they having problems making eye contact?
  3. Listen to their tone. Are they nervous, forceful, or using a tone to try to diffuse the situation?
  4. Watch their energy. Are they trying to dominate you energetically?
  5. Trust your intuition. Do you feel something wrong in your gut and heart?

Once you train yourself to be energetically sensitive, attuned to your intuition, and develop the skill of being able to read people’s intentions through non-verbal communication, you will be literally impossible to manipulate.  You can only be manipulated if you are fooled.  No matter how close you are to someone or how much you love them, nobody is incapable of manipulating you.

The best thing you can do is love yourself enough to not allow yourself to be taken advantage of, speak up when you feel something in your gut telling you something is wrong, and be present enough to step outside of yourself and get a read on the other person.  And remember, the universe responds to your dominant vibration.  If you are a push over energetically, the universe will send you more experiences that correspond to that vibration.

Hope this helps!

Steven Bancarz

Team Spirit

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