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I don’t understand some people..

Feb 28, 2009 #work
Weird kid at work, takes things too seriously…
He didn’t log off the computer and one of the programs he was in I needed him off of, so I had to kick him off twice this week. And I chose (as I always do) to have fun with it.
He didn’t take it well.
He simply doesn’t know how to have fun…
I wrote on his wall that I was sorry if I pissed him off, blah blah blah. He deleted it and sent me an email on Facebook.

Here’s a brief excerpt.

I really don’t care about it, I have just had a very stressful and busy week. I’m not angry, and I don’t know why you’re writing on my wall because of it.

Today at 8:32am
Ya know, that’s part of the pay back.. I figure out what bugs you the most and writing everything on your wall, making it public for the world to see, seems to bug you more than anything else..
You shouldn’t let stress run your life.
You gotta have fun and I thought to have some fun with you because of the extra work you caused me…
but obviously you don’t play the game, therefore I will leave you alone.
I’m not a normal female and I have a lot of male tendencies. One of which, is I’m a pain in the butt. Just ask the rest of the IT guys, but it works for me. I like who I am and I have fun. I get my work done, I get into stressful situations, but I always make sure I have fun.
You should try it sometime.
Passion and strong feelings in life are a great thing, but you must balance them out. NOthing wrong with being emotional. Stress is a part of life, but if you don’t LIVE life at the same time and enjoy it, you are totally ruining part of your purpose for being upon this earth.
You are so young, you have time to learn, but don’t let it control you.
Take care and try to have a good weekend,


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