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Why me??? … (warning, whining ahead)

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I give and give and give.
I try not to allow my son to want for anything. Yeah, he’s spoiled but not utterly. He doesn’t get EVERYTHING he wants, but I do have to buy clothes and other essentials for him. He does get games, movies and books occasionally. (Books especially ;)

I pay all my bills … on time give or take a day and have never missed a mortgage payment since I bought my home.

I don’t buy stuff for myself. I need clothes, especially for work. I had to break down and get sheets for my bed and a couple of new pots and pans since the ones I had were destroyed …. mostly accidentally.

Coupla movies for myself. Mostly from Amazon or on sale at Hastings. Yeah. That was the extent of my splurging.

I had “guests” living in my basement. Last year, as anyone who reads this knows, I had aphrodite. Late last year, I had Disa. Aphrodite was able to pay parts of the bills, and that helped, but then, they were all part of the reason the bills went UP!

So, I don’t go nuts, I don’t splurge, though I want to.
My son misses Saturdays at IHOP. I miss steak dinners. Even the Sunday night family steak dinners have been mostly on hold.

My son still gets his Mickey D’s on Wednesdays, but my parents do help with that…

What does this lead up to?
Lemme tell you.
I try to refinance. I try to get a lower interest rate.
And all seems to be going well. John, loan broker, is 100% sure it’ll work and told me not to worry about Feb or March mortgage, and that I’d start paying the new mortgage in April.

As of today, he wants me to pay February’s mortgage payments.

I’m screwed because I used that money to pay OTHER bills. Gas was up, as is usual for this time of year, so I paid it. My son got to go see a REAL movie, in a theater!! (Coraline 3D) for the first time since… hell, I dunno, at least a year I think.

So, the money is gone
and I’m broke.

So now, I’m thinking Bankruptcy.
What other choice do I have?
Sure, I suppose I could try debt consolidation.. that would be nice.. but…
I just don’t know what to do!!

I need a miracle.
I need at least 1000 by Friday at the very very very latest.

Yeah, gonna play the lottery.
Yeah, gonna do a new moon ritual tonight for new beginnings..
and I guess go from there.

This sucks, though..
It really really sucks.

Thanks for listening


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One thought on “Why me??? … (warning, whining ahead)”
  1. I certainly hope this situation has been resolved! I realize this is June but I am kinda slow to begin with and this response is like anything else in my world, I just don’t understand how to stay organized.
    Regardless, I can wholly sympathize with your plight. I lost my house thanks to a series of misevents starting with my banker! My only question for him was why. He lived across the street from me, I followed his instructions and not one single word had been uttered to me when I was handing over $9900.00 to him that this action on my part was basically an exercise in stupity. I should have realized something was not quite right by the way he avoided any direct contact with me. Eh…enough whining from me. This is your space.
    Anyway, I hope everything worked out for the best.

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