• Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

I keep you safe, you keep me wild

Jan 7, 2021

 I keep you safe,
in the woods and glades,
Beneath the sun and sky,
Dance and beat the drum,
For I am the rhythm in your music,
I am the passion in your step,
I am joy and sorrow.
I am life and death.
But fear not,
For I am the hope within the sorrow,
I am rebirth after death,
Rejoice and give greatly to pleasures of the flesh,
For I am there.
Commune with the animals,
For it is to me you speak.
Give greatly to mirth and merriment,
For this is my nectar.
Love yourself,
Love others,
And make Love,
For this is my ambrosia,
And always remember that I love you.
You keep me wild.



I'm Me!