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I received my true sign, but….

Jul 5, 2013
Happy Universe ©2010-2013 ~angelstar808
Happy Universe ©2010-2013 ~angelstar808

I received my sign.

It was very personal to me. I don’t mind sharing it, but I could see others being naysayers and denying that it was, in fact, a sign from the universe.

So today I’m changing my intent.

Today I’m asking the universe something for YOU instead of me. (It will be to me, but it will be recognizable to you).

8:18 am 7-5-13
I want you to be made known to me, today, in such a way that I can share it with other people and THEY can see a blessing, a thumbs-up, a clear sign, something that no one can write off as coincidence.
I want you to see what I see, so I want it to be something singularly recognizable for what it is, a blessing, a thumbs-up, something YOU (or at least most of you) cannot write off as a coincidence.

And I want it to happen today (because I want to start my next lab, dangit!)

Now that that’s clear, you are curious about my personal sign. *grin*
(Well, I would be if I were you…)

It’s rather hard to explain, but I’ll try. I’m going to start with some background.

A couple months ago, someone bought the house across the street. We’ve had a long line of people owning that home (we even wondered if it was haunted..) The original, old couple, either moved to housing or died. No clue.
The next set was this wonderful couple who made a lot of improvements on the house. It was an attempt to make some money off of it, but then the economy tanked.
Next, I believe, was Mr. and Mrs. Smith. They worked for the government and were rarely home. LOL (IF you haven’t watched the movie, it’s quite fun… )
Then we had another couple move in. They were newly married and they moved soon after having their first baby.

Our neighborly friendship(s) with these folks have always been simple. We wave, they wave, we say good day, they say good day. :) We would have light conversations about the weather and our yards and stuff like that. (Especially around Halloween when we go all out on our decorations)

ANYWAY, a new neighbor moved in and and I’d only seen him once. I was able to meet him last night, when we invited him to join us to watch our meager 4th of July fireworks and it did my heart joy. You see, I still believe I’m here on this earth to help people.. and I totally believe in Synchronicity, so I also believe there is stuff to be learned from him.

To me, this was a sign from the universe that I’m on the right track, to keep meeting and to keep helping people and I really will make a difference!


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