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I’m so pissed I’m shaking…

Sep 15, 2006

I just sent this to Michael. I’m so mad I’m shaking.
How can she be so EVIL?

Tracy really pissed me off this time.
If she EVER tells Kevin how much fun she is going to have without him and that I wouldn’t let him go with her, ever again, she and I will have words and it will not be pretty.

There is no reason for her to play mind games with Kevin. None.  

You don’t know how many times since you have been gone, Kevin’s been crying when it was time to go to Tracy. I had to think of all the good things that I could and talk about Dessa and such.

I’m sorry, I know you don’t need this right now, but Kevin is too young to understand and there was NO reason for her to say those things. It was childish, immature and certainly not in the best interest of Kevin. I’m downright PISSED right now.

I can see her rubbing the weekend in his face when he goes back on Sunday, just because of the things she has already said to him.

Please have a word with her and ask her not to do that to Kevin. This situation is killing me. I wish Kevin was living with me while you were in school, but I agreed to it so he wouldn’t have to switch schools when you returned from school. Of course, if I knew then, what I know now, things may have been different. If you would have been willing, of course, but I think you know what I mean.

I’m really excited about you moving to Topeka and getting to spend more time with Kevin.

And it will be great to actually be friends with you again. I can say it now:
did you ever notice how whenever you and I started getting along better, Tracy would twist my words or do something so that we would either be fighting or upset with each other? Have you noticed the games she played? (Or maybe you notice it now that you look back. Any and every time we started talking nicely and being friends, she did something to screw it up.)

After you told me that she still sees me as a threat, it makes SOOO much more sense now why she didn’t want us getting along. That would make me even more of a threat, so she did whatever she could to make you mad at me as often as she could.. thereby preventing a good solid friendship and a comfort level for Kevin.

Things are so much clearer now. But then, even had I noticed it all sooner, I’m not sure if I could have done anything about it. The best thing I did was to stop speaking / emailing her except directly about Kevin and simply talking with you. Then she couldn’t twist my words.

Anyway, now I have to deal with an upset Kevin, who doesn’t want to spend time with me because Tracy was a bitch and made Kevin feel like crap and there isn’t a damn thing I can do about it. Mind games such as those, I will not play. I will just make this weekend as fun as I possibly can for Kevin and hope that Tracy doesn’t pull this stunt ever again.

I honestly cannot believe she did this to Kevin.
I cannot believe she could be so cruel and evil.
But then, as more time passes, I can believe almost anything awful about her because her true colors are starting to show.

Well, thanks for listening….


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