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In the past week…. creatures who have touched my life

May 30, 2006

In the past week, I have seen so many wild creatures. It is truly amazing.
Not all of them were seen at the Heartland Spirit Festival (which I will write about in detail at a later date) but just in the same period of time….
This list is in no particular order..

Cat (not my own)

Cool, huh?

Wonder if it means anything….


I'm Me!

2 thoughts on “In the past week…. creatures who have touched my life”
  1. It is cool. Maybe it is just you have opened your eyes more to what is around you. It seems that these little critters are everywhere, but we just don’t notice them around because we are too busy doing whatever it is that seems so much more important at the time. It may be that you are just more aware, which is still a really important change and development! Where did you see them? What were they doing? Anything unusual?

  2. Oh, trust me, dear lady. I am always aware and on the lookout. I drive so much, I have nothing else to do but look for animals.

    Just for some reason, the past week has been much more active than usual.


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