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Initiation, Hell and the Christian God

Apr 20, 2007

For me personally, I feel no need for an initiation. That makes it sound like I need to be “allowed” to have the beliefs I already have and that I need to be “worthy” to honor the goddess. I have always, in my own way, worshipped the goddess (the moon mostly and mother earth).

I was born and raised a catholic, but it never felt right.. I always asked questions like why can’t I worship God outside? Why do we have to go to Church if God is everywhere. WOuldn’t God prefer to be outside since he created the world.

And why would a God create or allow a Hell. Why would a God kill any children? (Exodus 11:1-12:36) What kind of God would KILL?!?!?! The flood? OMG. That devestated me! All those innocent animals died because of God’s will!! (Did you ever hear the story that the Unicorns refused to board Noah’s Ark? LOL)
God terrified me. The hate… and it had to be hate.. because only hate causes someone to kill and according to the bible.. God KILLED. He even asked for SACRIFICES. I cannot understand anyone killing man or beast to offer to a God. Sharing beast killed for food with one’s god is different… but to give it solely to a god, wasting the meat, the fur, the bones… every bit of an animal can and must be used… or the animal is not properly honored. (I guess I believe a bit like Native American’s as well.)

Well, I got off topic. But no. No initiation required.


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