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Introducing … Pumpkin Spice!!

Nov 1, 2021 , , ,

Manifesting our new fur baby was our son’s fiancé’s idea, but hubby and I found him and he found us. And of course it was on our anniversary. *grin*
We went to KC Pet Project.

The first dog we looked at was a nibbler and nibbled at our fingers right away. I was not impressed.

Then we met “Rooster”*. He immediately came over to me and pressed against my legs, looking at me with those soulful eyes. Then he went and gave hubby a hug.
Oh yeah, it was a no-brainer. He was coming home with us.

After losing Stitches earlier this year, I wasn’t sure what the future would bring. I’d like to think she sent us Pumpkin Spice.

*Seriously, who the hell would name a dog Rooster? A GORGEOUS dog at that. Nope nope nope. He became Pumpkin Spice.. for MANY reason… We call him Spice mostly


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