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It’s a sad day…

Oct 3, 2006

when one realizes one is nothing more than a sex object.


I'm Me!

5 thoughts on “It’s a sad day…”
  1. Kris, you should know better than that! One person’s psychotic opinion is hardly a reflection of your value as a person. You mean a great deal to many people. What is sad is that for most people, a single derogatory comment makes a greater impression than a hundred compliments.

  2. I can give you a list of people in the last year alone who have stopped speaking with me because I wouldn’t have sex with them.

  3. Then they were never real friends to begin with, were they? You sill have plenty of friends. And I like to think that I am one of them. Am I wrong?

  4. And Yeah I agree don’t let one psycho color your view ofyourself. You are a wonderful lady…… grrrrrrrrrrr Jerks piss me off.

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