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It’s all coming together, really

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog on my life in specific. ;)

Lotsa good things have been happening.
Thorik and I have decided to be handfasted over Samhain weekend. I’m scared and excited at the same time! LOL

We are going to write our own rituals (using bits from stuff we have found in books and online) and we want 3. One at sunrise, one at high noon (which will be the one with guests) and one at sunset. It’s going to be a busy day, November 1st! *grin*

I havent’ figured out my son yet. I want him to be there, at least for the noon one, but I would need someone to watch over him.. also, don’t really want him sleeping in the same… tent / cabin, so that Thorik and I can… well, you know. *blush*

I want my son there so bad.. but not sure how to fit everything to make it work without taking advantage of someone or making two extra trips to Topeka and back. (assuming Mel and my ex are able to watch him that weekend and the following two days.. guess I better check with them on that..)

So.. now, Thorik and I have to figure out how to budget this handfasting. No clue how many (if any) people will be there. Thorik is going to make our clothing.. and we are both going to make the handfasting rope. :) We decided on blue, silver and black. I hope we can find silk. For that matter, I would love my gown to be silk… but not sure that will happen…

Corkyy is planning on coming. I’m sure Aphrodite and her boyfriend/husband will want to be there.. (as long as they aren’t doing their ritual at the same time). I would love for Celeste to come. I know there is a way to fix them… so at least they are “friends” again. Someday, she will need her “dad” again, and I just hope he isn’t too burnt by then. :(

Which brings me to the other part of this blog.
Yeah. Aphrodite is getting married/handfasted.
To the guy I brought her to Kansas to get her away from.
Yup. Him.

But he’s changed. (Or so they both say) and the fact that he is now willing and wanting to marry her does show some definite improvement. LOL

She wants Thorik and I and their girls to go. *shrug* If it is on a weekend, I might be able to. Thorik told her that her ceremony is “Important enough that what ever date you decide on is fine! I’ll find some way to make it!”

Ouch. Yeah. That kinda hurt. But no matter. I’m not even sure why it hurt. Maybe it was the word choice.. dunno.

Anyway, now she assumes that Thorik is going to be her witness. Stand with her. Meaning she approves of the marriage. (In my mind that is what it means). She never asked! That’s one thing that bugs me.. she never even bothered to ask. She just assumed. Expected. That is one thing that Corkyy has even noticed… when it comes to Thorik, Aphrodite is great at assuming.. and Thorik doesn’t do a damn thing about it. He doesn’t stand up for himself or anything. (Well, I can’t say never. He HAS gotten better since Corkyy and I have brought it to his attention.. but the results were more noticeable when Corkyy brought it to Aphrodite’s attention.. at least for a brief time ther was improvements.. *sigh*)

So, what happens now, I dunno. If she choses a date too close to our chosen date, I will be upset if he drops everything and spends the gas money to go there. In my mind at least 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after our own handfasting must be dedicated to prep time and just family time. But we’ll see what the priorities are for Thorik.

He says he isn’t thinking straight so early in the morning and he will keep me updated. I’m sure he will, but I’m still on pins and needles wondering WTF.


Aphrodite’s spur of the moment BS should not be overriding Thorik and My long-dream of being handfasted… and now that we set a date, part of me wonders if Aphrodite is doing this on purpose.

She wouldn’t do that.. would she?

Updated 8-20-2008

I have decided that if Corkyy is supportive of this “witnessing” of Aphrodite’s marriage, than I will be too. I’ll leave it in Corkyy’s hands since she is the one Thorik has a past life debt to.

I will stand behind Corkyy.

I like that.
Told him that this morning and he seems okay with it…
We’ll see what she says…

Updated later on 8-20-2008

Corkyy is a very forgiving and loving young woman. She will support her dad in his decision and will be attending her mother’s wedding.

So.. there ya go.
That’s where I stand too (except, depending on when the wedding is, I may not be able to make it…)


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