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Jean Claude vs Richard

Aug 8, 2007

I shared this with a dear friend, who has just recently been introduced to the Anita Blake series. She didn’t like Jean Claude, but she did like Richard, so I wrote this response to her…

My ex has always been the epitome of Jean Claude. ;)
T, in an unusual way, was Richard. (If he would have been in good shape physically, that would have made a huge difference, but give me my dreams.. LOL)

On Halloween, during the quad, I experienced something (in my mind) that few could. I had “Jean Claude” and “Richard” helping me do make-up and hair at the same time. One on each side of me.

Had Tracy never been a part of it… well. LOL

my ex used to be that pretty boy. He has the dark hair and the dark complexion. He still has that strength, although sometimes I worry that he is hiding from it. He had the connection to wolves and werewolves, but Michael has always been the vampire. He was seductive and smart. He was fiercely loyal to his family and close friends, of which he had only a few. He had the ability to work the system and make things work out his way. He had the charisma and personality that caused people to follow him unthinkingly. He still is a great leader who takes care of his own. He is impulsive yet retains control.

Oh yes.. Jean Claude was always my favorite. Richard.. well, Richard was.. interesting AFTER… But at the point you are at in the books. Richard is a wimp. He is a geek. He is scared to fight, to show his power. He is frightened of his wolf side. I didn’t like him. He was never strong enough for Anita and he sure as hell was never strong enough as a man or beast for me. LOL

Yeah.. I love Anita Blake..
I tried to tell my ex once that I truly saw him as Jean Claude. I don’t know if he believed me or not, but I did. The way he used to be. I’m still trying to get to know and understand this new person who has developed out of his experiences and pain he’s been through the past few years. But my friend’s realism and down-to-earthness is what he needs, because I was one who would jump up and follow him to a compound out in the middle of Alaska, build the underground bomb shelter, and take off hiking / camping at the drop of a hat.


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