• Fri. Apr 12th, 2024

Journalism and yearbook fun

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Judge orders God to Break up into smaller Deities

Well, things at school are going pretty good. Monday, I am holding a Quill and Scroll Journalism award and initiation ceremony. I’m not even completely ready yet. I still need to make the programs, etc. I hope it goes smoothly, but we missed 2 days of school cuz of snow and ice and I’m so far behind!!

The yearbook is doing pretty well. We have all the spot color pages done and sent in, we have submitted a total of 26 pages. Sadly, I need 8 more pages by Monday. Once again, the snow put us behind on that as well. Oh well. I know we will be close. The color senior pages are almost done. Hopefully can drop those off Monday with Jostens.

Teaching is going okay. As I’ve always noticed, 3 quarter is the tough one. I have already called about a dozen parents because their kid’s grades are slipping. Mailed grade sheets go out next week. Maybe that will wake some of them up. One mother’s excuse.. “My son told me that half your class is failing”. *sigh* That doesn’t matter, we are just worried about YOUR son right now! Geez. I guess parents really do want diploma’s handed on a silver platter these days. This school has been really lax lately, before I came, I guess with some students. Now, I make them work, and they hate it!

Next week, after my first dr. appointment, if all is well, I will go ahead and tell admin that I’m pregnant. I never did get a chance to talk to the union rep. Oh well. One English teacher just had a baby this December, and she didn’t tell them till about 3 months, so that will be about when I’ll be telling them. She still doesn’t know if she is going to be coming back. The other two English teachers aren’t sure if they want to return next year. Soooo, perhaps they will take me back just because they don’t want to hire an entire English staff AGAIN next year!

I am trying to do job shadowing with the seniors. This is a mighty big project, and I’m scared I’m going to screw it up. I am requiring a research project on a career, and the job shadowing is part of that paper. They will be required to interview as well as research a job of their choice.

Admin keeps wanting me to check everything with them. I do that for now, I guess. They haven’t shot a lot of things down and are really supportive of my journalism awards and ideas and any and all workshops and competitions that we are interested in. They really are great on that degree.

I had one student win a Quill and Scroll national award. Sadly, she quit publications class at the semester. Oh well. Supposedly we are to get a plaque for her award!!! :) I’m really excited about that. Feb 22 we go to regional competitions. I hope we do okay. I am nervous because I haven’t really taught long at this school, but I sincerely believe it will be educational for all of us. I will know what I need to concentrate on for next year!!

Blessed Be!!!


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