• Sun. Sep 24th, 2023


Our Honeymoon

Our cabin…. ;)

We started our Sunday by walking the trails and giving our offerings at Herne’s
Hollow and Venus Mound.

This is the magical gateway early on the trail.

John at Herne’s Hollow

Closeup shot at Herne’s Hollow

Our campfire

Enjoying our fire…

Fire starts winding down and so do we… ;)

Can you see the flames dancing?

We saw dancing magicians in the fire later in the eve, calling up magical flames.
John promises to paint it for me sometime soon. It’s hard to describe.. but hopefully
we’ll have a drawing or painting of it soon! It was such fun!! :)

Some of the delights found at the Gateway.

A small creek along the trail..

until this spring, we had to find stepping stones to get across it.. ;)

But now there is a bridge thanks to some of the Gaea Volunteers!

(This is part of what your $5 per person donations go for!)

Enjoying each other and the gorgeous fall foliage.