• Sun. Sep 24th, 2023

Law of Attraction in my life and the risk of Over helping

Well, it’s been an enlightening month, and it isn’t over yet.
Now, as I wander through the recesses of my mind, I find that I doubt my original reason for opening my heart and home to my dear friend. No, I don’t regret doing it, I just doubt my reason(s) for helping, as now I believe I may have done more harm by allowing yet another escape from the difficulties of reality.

As I learn more about the law of attraction, which seems to have become more and more popular, I see that it truly is a case of what you give out, comes back. (Threefold rule anyone?)

So, when I hear “not all of life is about having to work hard” last week, followed by “sometimes, at some stages you simply have to allow things to happen, not FORCE them to happen”, I knew I’d messed up. Bad.

Those are 2 different things, but they were spoken together.  I’m going to address them one at a time, because they are different, but I wanted to point out, that they were together as one sentence when I heard them.

“Not all of life is about having to work hard.”
I read somewhere that the law of Attraction is a reactive law. We act and it reacts. We do SOMETHING and then something happens.  It doesn’t just fall in our laps.

There’s balance. Work hard and play hard. But playing hard and playing (the lottery) harder is not going to get anyone anywhere. Ever.

Now, if I’m wrong and millions and millions of dollars fall in her lap, I will certainly apologize and then I may perhaps sit around and wait for my own to happen…
Actually, no.. I enjoy my job and would prally work even if I didn’t have to. :) I guess that makes me a completely different type of person. (That observation can lead to judgment, can’t it. Hmmm)

Out of context, “sometimes, at some stages you simply have to allow things to happen, not FORCE them to happen” is truth. Sometimes you do have to wait for a sign from the universe, a day or two of meditation, educating one’s self to various possibilities. Learn as much as you can before making that decision. Sometimes the universe does give a sign of the path one is expected to follow. These moments of enlightenment do happen.

However, put them back together again and you have
After waiting 6 months for something to happen, one must realize it isn’t just going to happen without help!

Onwards, because it’s all about me. ;)

The Law of Attraction works so well in my life. Good things come to me, but I do work for them. I create my opportunities (like the on-the-side job that “fell” in my lap thanks to updating my resume and keeping an open phone line) and the goddess provides. This newest job came to me as I was needing to pay Tags, Registration and Insurance on my car, AND an underage on my Mortgage Escrow. (pay this much and your monthly fee won’t go up quite as much.. LOL and *sigh* This economy is such a mess).

This has been a work in process, stretching over a few days. Well, quite a few days. I’m not even sure what form this blog will take when I finally publish it. (Lotsa edits.. LOL) The other day, after working a while on this blog, a status on FB caught my eye and I decided to play with it.. someone I don’t know well, commented about how she has had many things fall in her lap. I didn’t go off on her, but I came close. I tried to distinguish what fell in her lap, how and why and if she seriously sat around doing nothing waiting for it to happen. It turns out she was being facetious and is one of those, like me, who has worked her ass off to get where she is today. I felt like such a heel. I sent many apologies to both her and our mutual friend and hopefully everything is okay. She seemed to take it in stride, but it was another awakening for me. Wow. Talk about over-reacting! So defensive. This is really a sore point with me…

The other aspect of this blog was the over-helping. Yes, after some research, I realize it is more a form of enabling than over-helping.

In an earlier blog, People Pleasing and Balance, I mentioned that I was not an enabler, but I guess I didn’t take it far enough. I saw an enabler as someone who took responsibility for others actions, but it’s more:

I have prevented a crises for the troubled persons (which, in fact, prolongs the problems) and as a result the problems of the troubled people  became worse.  I have become discouraged about the lack of progress or change in the troubled people, and ultimately sabotage my own efforts to reform them and ultimately became angry and resentful at those who fail to improve.
Yes, right now, that is me in a nutshell.

What have I done?!?!?

Recognition and realization is the first step. Once again, my spiritual growth increases as I learn more and more about myself.



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