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Learning to trust my body – the hell that was 2019

Nov 29, 2019

Health was a big issue this year.
I spent 4 days in the hospital when I couldn’t keep food down and had heartburn from hell.
I made bad choices.
I didn’t listen to my body.
I stressed too much.
I learned.
I will do and know better in the future.
I will work on trusting my body.
I will work on controlling my stress.
I will eat better.
I will stay healthier.

I am now down to my college years weight-ish. 118 pounds. It was not fun losing this weight yet here I am. It’s a good weight, but I also lost muscle. I need to get back into shape.


The hole in my stomach is closed.
Yes. I had a hole in my stomach.
You’re probably thinking I should have seen a doctor. I probably should have. But then I also trusted my body.

I wasn’t peeing blood. My stools were normal. I had no temperature.

I just had a hole. For months. Since early July.

And lumps came out. 3 small and one large. Those hurt.

Turns out it was probably gall stones. From my gall bladder. Which apparently wasn’t healthy.

But my homeopathic / naturalist doctor had me taking stuff.
Plus, PEMF

and again, no other symptoms or issues.


The universe loves me but wanted to teach me a lesson.

I learned.
Trust my body.
Be happy.
Be content.
Be positive.





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