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Letter too harsh?

Oct 24, 2008

Hey, at least I took the words PSYCHO BITCH out of it!

She sent the following as part of what she sent to Thorik. It is included in the email I am wanting to send to Aphrodite

“With Em, she was being persistent about the funds, when was I going to pick them up, when was I going to get the bed, etc. I don’t answer to her either. Then to ask for the receipt was like saying “I don’t trust you”, so I was out of the money thing if that was her attitude. That was one issue, it’s over with, now it’s behind us. Aside from that it was over Corkyy, so I don’t see how that should affect anything between Em and I.”

It’s not behind us.

That bridge is burnt.

Your going off on me was unwarranted and uncalled for.

You were texting and emailing me all week to get the money to you. Then, after I did, you didn’t do a damn thing and finally refused to do anything but let it sit.

It’s not Corkyy who is lying. It is you.
I guess the receipt thing tripped an extremely guilty conscious, eh? It’s too bad. I loved you like a sister. You were family. Family doesn’t do things like you do. And certainly not to me, after ALL the things I did for you. After all the money I spent. After opening my heart and my home to you. No. I don’t handle traitors like you well.

First you said “Naturally Eric will take it in the van and set it up for Courtney if you wish to go that route with the bed.”

The next thing I know it’s

What about the bed? You’re the one that wanted to get this taken care of before the handfasting. I never said we had time to move before then. If Corkyy finds a way, then so be it, we’ll go get her the money and she can go buy the bed and have whoever else she has found to move it for her. Until then, the money will sit there until WE are ready.”

No. *shrug* Not playing your game anymore. And now Thorik’s eyes are finally opening. He’s finally seeing the truth.

I held off all week, because John told me NOT to lower myself to your level. But I can’t do that any more. Not after reading this.

I’m done with you.


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