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Life and times

Mar 25, 2008

Well, first and foremost, Thorik got a job! He is a TSM (Training Store Manager?) for Radio Shack. :) (yes, he DOES get discounts! *grin*)

And damn, he looks good in his suit… and his new work clothes! (we will not mention how much all that cost.. but.. let’s just say it was certainly “enough” — But it was worth it!!)

Aphrodite is back. The situation with Chuck didn’t work out. Not really surprised, but I’m certainly glad she is “home” again. ;)

But things have changed there too! In the month that she’s been gone, Thorik and I built up a nice strong foundation for our relationship. There is no more running to her to whine and worry, but rather we talk to each other. Perhaps the goddess not only wanted Aphrodite to learn what what she needed to at Chuck’s, but the goddess also wanted Thorik and I to become a true couple before she came back. Strong enough to stand on our own and not relying on her to “understand” each other. I’m very proud of us!

We talked about things (IM’d) the day before she came back. We both agreed that it wouldn’t be like it was before she left. We would talk to each other, we would lean on each other. We will love her as family but we will no longer rely on her to communicate. And it is working quite well! We had a great week and an even better weekend. I’m very proud of both of us! We continue this route and there will be nothing we can’t do!

Corkyy is gone.. She moved in with Thorik’s parents. That’s not going well, for various reasons.

I’m pretty sure I mentioned this Michelle friend of Thorik and Corkyy’s before. She was freely giving them money and buying things. (She had/has a crush on Thorik, wanted to have his baby, etc. *sigh*) So, Corkyy began to rely on this Michelle. Considered her friend. (I still wonder if she tried to get Corkyy to work on Thorik to get him to be with her instead of me, but I’ll never know for certain.. and it doesn’t matter anyway.. *grin* he wants to be with ME not her… and I think she has finally figured that out.. hence the “no more money” thing that is going on.)

Well, when Thorik and Corkyy went up to get Thorik’s car, I performed a small spell. (I did give Thorik a heads up). I asked the goddess to show Thorik and Corkyy, Michelle’s true colors. I needed them to see her for what she was, with her intentions, etc. (I was also willing to learn if there was something *I* needed to understand.) Okay, so.. the goddess didn’t work quickly, but now, finally now, Thorik AND Corkyy are starting to see her truths. Michelle is no longer giving Corkyy any money. Michelle did give Thorik some more money for a brief time, but apparently has stopped again. The person hurt the worst, by this, sadly, is Corkyy. But she is young, and she can come “home” and have food and such. We cannot afford to give her money, but she is always and forever welcome. (Just like Aphrodite).

But Corkyy is looking for a free ride. She is hoping for SSI and handouts from Michelle and it isn’t going to work that way. She will need to get a job and go to school, just like the rest of us. I don’t know how much of her illness was stress but I’m guessing a lot of it was. I can see this current situation being detrimental to her health once again. :( I hope she realizes that and makes adjustments to her life before it is too late.

If it wasn’t for the stupid health care system, she could have stayed in Kansas. However, it takes 6 months for her to get on Healthwave and she needs medical help regularly. So she needs to stay in Missouri. She sees her mom as deserting her, but Corkyy is 18 now. She’s a good young lady with a good head on her shoulders, but it is time for her to grow up. It does suck, it is never easy, but she can’t run to Mom any more. She needs to learn to rely on herself. I think she’ll do fine. I’m glad that Michelle isn’t giving her handouts anymore. Very glad. She will never learn if she gets everything on a silver spoon.

But enough about Corkyy. The spell worked. It took time. She is starting to see the truth of Michelle. *grin* Even though it hurts, life’s lessons can hurt. One just learns and drives on, trusting only in themselves.

Michelle (and Corkyy) managed to piss Thorik off last week. It was really stupid on their part and Michelle might not know better, (plus there is always this goal she seems to have of wanting to piss off Thorik, which he finds amusing) but Corkyy should have. *sad sigh* But I don’t think either one realized how upset Thorik was with them. And of course he never told either one of them. He’s gotta work on expressing himself and not holding feelings/emotions inside. It’s not good for him.. and they (and even I) cannot learn what he does not share.

Still have the damn dog…. she’s scaring most of the cats away from the basement at night so none of them sleep with Aphrodite anymore. We really need to do something about that animal. *sigh* Now that Thorik has a job, I really doubt anything will happen anytime soon. It’ll take a miracle of some sort. Or for her to go to the rainbow bridge peacefully in her sleep. That would be the best… although I worry who all would feel “guilty” if that happened. I don’t want/need anyone feeling guilty. *sigh*

My son went to Grandma and Grandpa’s for part of spring break. Once again he returned and had to relearn playing by himself. They will not let him grow up… but oh well. It wasn’t too bad and he spent the day by himself yesterday with Aphrodite watching him. He did fine. Made a mess in the living room but played by himself and survived! LOL. Deprogramming is almost complete. *grin* Until the next time he visits.. but with his dad coming home from Iraq soon, there will be less time visiting them and more time spent with Dad! :)

All in all, life is good. I still love my job. :) I am surviving all the people in my home, from my son to Corkyy to Thorik and Aphrodite. Yes. Things are good. Money is still tight, but now that Thorik has a job, that should loosen up a bit.. hopefully. I did spend too much getting him squared away FOR his job, but I think that will come back in a good way to make things easier in the long run. (Also the fact that the new clothes look GOOD on him!! LOL)

Spring is here. Good things are happening. Life is good. I’m happy.
All will be well and all manner of things will be well.


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