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Love is change

May 10, 2008

A friend of mine posted a blog…

Falling in Love

Every now and then I sense a profound idea I dont yet understand.

Here’s one:

Falling in love is a sign that you’re in the midst of a permanent growth. Thats why you feel vulnerable. You are. Thats why you need to embrace it. You do.

I didn’t completely answer it the way I would have liked, but I did pose some good questions that I’d like to contemplate further. ;) Here is what I said..

Permanent growth..
now that is an oxymoron.

Permanent is defined as continuing or enduring without marked change in status or condition or place

Growth is the process of growing.

To Grow is
1. To increase in size by a natural process.
a. To expand; gain: The business grew under new owners.
b. To increase in amount or degree; intensify: The suspense grew.
3. To develop and reach maturity.
4. To be capable of growth; thrive: a plant that grows in shade.
5. To become attached by or as if by the process of growth: tree trunks that had grown together.
6. To come into existence from a source; spring up: love that grew from friendship.
7. To come to be by a gradual process or by degrees; become: grow angry; grow closer.
1. To cause to grow; raise: grow tulips.
2. To allow (something) to develop or increase by a natural process: grow a beard.
3. Usage Problem To cause to increase or expand by concerted effort:

Okay… now that the English teacher part of me had her say, lets delve deeper.

Love is permanent growth.
Love changes, we change, if there is no change, we and everything else becomes stagnant.

stagnancy is the root of evil. Well, okay, not evil, but not allowing for change is the worst thing anyone could possibly do.

Change makes us vulnerable.
Love makes us change.

Allow yourself to embrace change will help you allow yourself to embrace love.

So, my question is.. why is it so difficult to change? To allow ourself to change?

Then, don’t get me started on unhealthy love.. the love where there is no balance of give and take..

Those people in those relationships are not allowing change and they are doing themself an injustice.

What is everyone scared of? Why do people fear things that are the best things for us?


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