• Fri. Mar 24th, 2023

Magick and Prayer continued

Well, the young lady let the topics drop.
I must admit I was looking forward to her take on the discussion, but I guess it isn’t to be so. She is remaining a part of the group, and perhaps it will be an educational experience for everyone!

I finished my April Collab for Pagan Speak. It’s about Karma and the Threefold Rule.

Also, doing my searching online, I looked up a book I read, The Celestine Prophecy, and found this great page. I really enjoy the book, and I need to buy a copy of the series for my library.

My son’s first tooth is peaking through today.. He was fussy, but I’m pretty excited.

Well, bedtime early tonight.

Blessed Be!!


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One thought on “Magick and Prayer continued”
  1. Hmm i like how you wrote this, but magick does not always depend on well chosen words. It is more about releasing enough emotion and energy into your work. Well anyway i will be back, keep up the good work.

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