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Mead Fest in Denver!!

Feb 12, 2007

This last weekend, I went to the International Mead Fest in Denver. It was great!!! Lotsa meads!! (No Chocolate Mead, though.. but I found out it is extremely difficult to make for mass production.. Where are my suppliers when I need them?!?!?? LOL)

The drive was nice. There was snow on the ground from Colby on into Denver. :) It was also freezing fog between Goodland and Limon. It made the trees pretty… thank goodness they are better about the roads in Western Kansas and Colorado than they are in Eastern Kansas… the roads were fine!!

Denver’s working on it’s all time record for having measurable (over one inch) snow on the ground for consecutive days.

When I got there on Feb 9th, it marked the 51st day. On the 64th day, this winter will hold the record!!! :)

The picture is sunrise behind my hotel in Denver.. Pretty.. I’ll post pix of the mountains (and what little snow there was) later…


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