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Mom, have you ever met the Easter Bunny?

Jun 23, 2007

I got “the” questions today. Welcome to the first day of summer and a son who is growing up with a scientific mind.

“Mom, have you ever met the Easter Bunny?”

Cautiously I answer “No, can’t say that I have…”

“Then how did you know how many eggs he hid?”

Oh dear! “Uh, he left me a note”?

“When we get home, would you show me that note?”

Shit. “Uh, sorry hon, I threw it away.”

“But Mom, I looked in the trash can that morning and there were no notes!”

*sigh* “Okay, Kevin, what do you think happened?”

“Mom, I think YOU hid the eggs.”

It’s all over now.. I gotta be honest. I can’t have a scientist for a son when I can’t even be truthful about childhood fantasies.

“I think you are correct, Kevin.”

“Mom, does that mean you are Santa Claus, too?”

Damn. He was really hitting me with this today!

“Were you talking to kids today about this?”
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“No Mom, it was just something I was wondering about.”

“Okay. Yes, Kevin, I am Santa Claus too.”

Then I went into a spiel about how Santa Claus is in one’s heart and the goodness of giving. I was trying to tell the story of “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus” but I was caught so off guard that I couldn’t remember everything I wanted to say.

I had to make him promise not to tell any of the other kids because they still didn’t know.

“Don’t worry, Mom, it’ll be a secret between you and me.”

Goddess I love him.

I think I’m gonna cry…


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