• Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

Well, after Valentine’s Day, things got a little crazy.

My husband’s Mother needed to have surgery, and my husband was allowed to go back to the states on emergency leave. So, after a three month separation, I was re-united with my husband for two weeks. My Mother-In-Law survived the surgery, and is doing fine, thank you Goddess.

I feel that somehow, my desire to not be separated from my husband for the full 7 months while he was in Kosovo was acknowledged by the Goddess, and she provided an opportunity for us to be together right at the middle of his deployment. Thank you Goddess!

During this brief yet wonderful two week period, my husband was able to go with me to my 21 week doctor appointment. We found out we are having a boy! Kevin Loric!

After the two weeks, he returned to Kosovo, and now I only have 2 months to wait until he comes home for good. Please protect him, dear Goddess.

For the Spring Equinox, I performed a simple ritual of thanks. I thanked the Goddess for allowing my husband to be with me for a time. Something that few other wives in my Unit experienced. Instead of being separated for 7 months, we only had to be separated for a little over 3 months at a time.

Each day, I learn more and love greater.

I thank thee, Goddess, for all that you have done for me, and for simply being with me during the times that I have needed you.

And I thank thee, Goddess, for the health of my son, now at 27 weeks. I will forever believe that it was because I “found” You that my child still lives and thrives safely inside of me. You were my missing link when I lost Christopher Yet, I still wish to thank thee for the time I was with my son, Christopher, time to say goodbye. So many women don’t have that chance to say goodbye.

Now, that I have Your love and support, I know my son, Kevin, will be healthy and strong, and grow to be of old age.


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