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Much calmer! :)

Feb 8, 2008

This past week has been great! The exact opposite of the week prior, thank goodness!

Of course, the 8 inches of snow helped.. *grin* but soon, I fear, I will be ready for spring and I won’t get as much enjoyment out of the snow.. and yet, this past one was so beautiful.. and so quick. It happened at night.. woke up to a lot of snow the other morning.

It’s been 3 days and the roads still aren’t as clear as they should be. The parking lot at work is a sheet of ice. I guess the city is running low on salt and sand. Idiots. *sigh*

Thorik and I have been doing great! We went “shopping” last night for some basics and things to continue the organization of our home. He now has a place to put his sewing stuff as well as a place to put our first aid stuff (tool boxes.. we also looked at tackle boxes, but the tool boxes seemed to work the best).

Cats and Dog have food. Now if we could only break them of shitting and pissing in the house. Yuck. Someone used my sofa the other morning. The spot I usually sit had shit on it and the cushion next to it has piss. This is very upsetting… I fortunately have a warrenty for 5 years, but I turned that in Wednesday evening and I still haven’t heard back. I want my sofa back!! *sad sigh* The new cats are also using the plant in the kitchen, the floor mats in the bathroom. Supposedly it is because of the snow / cold.. but I never had those problems with Stitch! She only did something like that when she was pissed at me! And then it was in places that there was little to no traffic. It’s quite frustrating. I love animals… but… I don’t understand. I thought cats were supposed to be clean creatures who preferred the great outdoors to yicky litter boxes. Perhaps the dog does make them uncomfortable.. I dunno.. Yeah, the dog is still here. *sigh* Haven’t found a home for her yet. It’s really frustrating. I’m tired of the dog hair


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