• Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

My first ritual

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I’ve watched the movies, I am ashamed to admit, I still enjoy watching The Craft.
In particular, I loved the butterflies that came down while they were in the forest.

What’s the point, you ask?
When I performed my first solitary ritual, I was scared, nervous about doing something wrong,
but mostly excited, happy, and… well, comfortable.
(Does that make sense?)
I did everything that felt right, some which was in books, and some which was not.

It was a partly cloudy night, on a full moon and I walked down this path to this beautiful area that is about 3/4 mile from my home. I had only previously seen it in daylight. I had thought it was beautiful then, but the moonlight made everything gorgeous. I could see traces of stars between the clouds, and the moon was able to shine thru the clouds, so it was a magical mixture of moonlight and glowing cloud formations.

I had come to worship the Goddess and ask for guidance. I didn’t know for sure if I was doing everything correctly, but it felt right.
I was told my a friend online later, that the Goddess understood what was in my heart and soul, so, if things weren’t the “Correct” way, She understood. I think I sat there for a long time, watching, listening, just simply, BEING. Thanking the Goddess for the beauty and for the love I was feeling, the rightness, the ME!

It was a rather chilly evening, but not too much so. I had worn a cloak, but felt warm enough to take it off.
As I sat there, fog started moving from corners of the forest. It was that rolling fog, which seemed to move and twist with life.
Okay, so, it wasn’t butterflies, but it was lovely.
It quietly draped the land in front of me, never quite reaching me, and there it waited, twirling, spinning, and like clouds, I could almost see shapes.

I sat and watched the fog and the moon for the longest time, until I nearly fell asleep.
(Is that bad?)

So, I decided it was time to thank the Goddess and close the circle.

It was such a wonderful, calming, happy, peaceful, (I can hardly describe everything I felt) experience.

After everything was complete, and I was preparing to walk home, I noticed something.

All the fog was gone.

So, this was not exactly butterflies, but I truly believe in my heart, that the Goddess was with me that night.

Blessed Be!