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My newest tarot reading

May 14, 2012

Past, Present, Future

Past – “Patience” – This card signifies the need for patience, self-control, adjustment, moderation, and balance when dealing with others, as well as yourself.

Present – “Rejoice In Celebration” – A time of merriment, celebration, birth, success, and victory is at hand. You’re doing what you love most and are pursuing your passion. When you follow your heart and intuition with zeal, there are no limits to what you can achieve.

Future – “Awareness” – This card is one of the key reminders that you already possess all of the tools to guide and direct you in your life. Whether it’s wisdom, intuition, psychic skill, creativity, self-motivation, love, willpower, physical ability, or just pure courage, they’re all part of you. Once you learn to tap into and use them, you’ll be amazed by the power and effect they can have.


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