• Thu. Dec 7th, 2023

My newly discovered Life Way is one of Creation and Destruction

So, I’m on a journey to find a new path, as was suggested to me during my Vision Quest at the 2010 Heartland Pagan Festival.  Since I have no idea where to start, I google various terms. I check out “new life paths” and they all talk about coaches and having someone help me.

1. I don’t want anyone’s help.

2. I can’t afford anyone’s help even if I did want it.

But finally I did find a link that helped:

I began by looking at the Seven Sirius Steps. I feel I know my life path, not just from experience, but from my numerology results as well. I am on Life Path Five. And I’m comfortable with my Bliss. *grin*

What I did not know was what my next “Life Way” But this page had a list:

Your life way reflects what you focus on, and the lens you use to see the world. Like the game of Spot the Red Car … your life way grabs and holds your attention.

Knowing what your is can help you understand yourself and the world. It can also help you understand and anticipate the lessons that Life will probably be tossing your way.

There are 28, but I only went 4 down before I found mine:
Way of Creation & Destruction

How often are you thinking about how something is created or destroyed? Do you love to watch films where everything gets blown up or new worlds are created? Does the genesis of new ideas speak to you?

NOW I know
1. why I read The Stand, and Swan Song, etc.
2. why I love tornadoes, earthquakes and fires
3. why I love the destruction of action movies
4. why I love the new beginnings that all destruction brings

Now I know.

From this point I googled Creation and Destruction and I found Kali.

I had explored Kali before, for various reasons, mostly because of her balance, and the darkness to her that is also balanced by the lightness.  In addition, Kali is also referenced by time and by an eternal night. She is the goddess of Time, Doomsday and Death. This is all seen within my life by my fascination with the dark, death, destruction and Doctor Who (In reference to the spiral lines of Time, which I still believe can be crossed both ways: as we can change our future, so can we change our past).

“Kali, the Hindu goddess from India represents the natural forces of creation and destruction in the universe. In a whole state, destruction and creation go hand in hand. Nothing is created without something else being destroyed first. Ignorance is destroyed, for example, when knowledge is created. What creates wholeness is creation/destruction in right timing and in the vibration of love.

“This universal cycle of destruction and creation is natural and whole until it steps down to planet Earth. Because of free will and choice that exists on this planet, Earth species can take any of the natural laws of the universe and distort them. The one species that does this regularly is humans.”


“In many instances Kali is described as garbed in space or sky clad. In her absolute, primordial nakedness she is free from all covering of illusion. She is Nature, stripped of ‘clothes’. It symbolizes that she is completely beyond name and form, completely beyond the effects of maya (illusion). Her nudity is said to represent totally illumined consciousness, unaffected by maya. Kali is the bright fire of truth, which cannot be hidden by the clothes of ignorance. Such truth simply burns them away.”

“The Goddess Kali remains in a state of inconceivable darkness that transcends words and mind. Within her blackness is the dazzling brilliance of illumination. Kali’s blackness symbolizes her all-embracing, comprehensive nature, because black is the color in which all the colors merge; black absorbs and dissolves them.

“Just as all colours disappear in black, so all names and forms disappear in her”

— Mahanirvana Tantra”

“Her three forms are manifested in many ways: in the three divisions of the year, the three phases of the moon, the three sections of the cosmos (heaven, earth, and the underworld), the three stages of life, the three trimesters of pregnancy, and so on. Women represent her spirit in mortal flesh.

“The Divine Mother first appears in and as her worshipper’s earthly mother, then as his wife; thirdly as Kalika, she reveals herself in old age, disease and death.”

Kali is also associated with intense sexuality. Myths tell of the Yoni (vagina) of Kali (when she existed as Sati – wife of Lord Shiva) falling down to the Earth on the sacred hill near Gauhati in Assam (India), the same place where the Temple of Kamakhya is now located. The temple’s outer walls are highly decorated with carvings showing Kali as a Triple Goddess: squatting, and exposing her Yoni (vagina); as a mother suckling Her child; and as a warrior woman drawing back Her bow. While these carvings show Kali as a sexual being, they also show her as a protective and motherly woman, full of compassion.”


On this note, I will continue my soul search by asking for Kali’s help and guidance.

So Mote it Be!


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