• Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

My parents again – As I sink down under the waves of financial depression, I know that I am still standing

Ya know, I’ve done great, no cash from my parents since around x-mas, and that cash was only $50 to help pay for x-mas dinner which I invited them and the entire family to attend because they refused to allow Thorik and I to attend the one at their house. Dinner cost me over $200, but did I say a word? No (They never came btw – but I had a delightful time with my brother and Courtney and of course Thorik and my son),
so no cash. Haven’t bugged them at all about it.Even though we’ve been tight and I would have loved just a card from Dillons to buy my son his milk and cereal etc. But I haven’t asked, and we’ve gotten by…

In fact, it was one year ago that I posted this blog: Parental love – If I go see a shrink, will you love me again?

Recently, though, things have happened. My on-the-side jobs haven’t been paying in a timely manner (economy I’m sure) and that has made things bounce, which gave me bounce fees which in turn put us further into debt.

Now, I’ve been proud of not asking for help. Money has been tight and we are very careful what we buy and what we do. We don’t go out to dinner, we don’t go to movies, we barely even rent movies. We have cable and we know how to use it (no premium channels of course) and we were making it!

It hasn’t been easy, but I’ve also seen the debts go down. I have 5 credit cards that I have not used in over a year and one bill that has 29% interest which is killing me, but we haven’t gone under and my credit score is still over 650. That doesn’t help, though, when you have a debt to income ratio. Did I mention that I’m goign into the third year of a pay freeze? Yeah, costs go up but my pay has not. And we STILL were getting by w/o my parents.

My parents had agreed to help with my dental last year, the money going directly to the Dentists (3 root canals and 3 crowns — I did 2 last year and had one left this year), they knew and had agreed to the plan.. or so I thought.

Today I hear from my Dentist that I can’t go in for my cleaning because nothing has been paid since November.
Ouch. They were getting ready to send the bill to collections BUT MY PARENTS ARE STILL RESPONSIBLE FOR IT.

What happens now? I don’t know. I don’t know if they will transfer my account back to my name and immediately send me to collections or if they are going to send my parents to collections. Either way, I don’t have the approximate $1k I need to get out of this mess. I saved my teeth, but at what cost?

Interestingly enough, this happens after I blog about my experience at the Heartland Pagan Festival and mention how I have chosen to give up my parental love, help and respect because I love Thorik and I’m not willing to be who I am not just for them. I’m me. And now I have the chance to stand on my own two feet.

As I sink down under the waves of financial depression, I know that I am still standing on my own two feet…

If wishes were real, cockroaches would have uzi’s

And my parents would have helped me get the consolidation loan 3 years ago and this entire mess wouldn’t exist.


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