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My pentacle and work

Sep 11, 2008 #pagan, #pentacle, #snowflake, #work

Today, not one, but two people noticed my snowflake pentacle.

One is a horrid gossip… not sure what will happen there…

The other, I suspected, but wasn’t certain, but “he showed me his” after he saw mine.. LOL It was kinda cool. He’s married, so I wonder if his wife is pagan too… ah well. There were others around and I didn’t really ask much… it’s always.. cautious territory..

Also, the fact that he sits next to Miss Gossip makes me wonder if she’d already said something earlier or… dunno.. LOL

Matters not. I’ve been at this place for nearly 2 years and doubt that anything bad would happen.. but still could be interesting if anything does!!

Either way… it made for an interesting day at work.


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