• Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

An afternoon with my son

Today, we went shopping for my son’s Engineering Conference in Houston. The dress code included a suit jacket / blazer, dress pants, shirt, tie, and then business casual pants, shorts and shirts.
Shoes were also a necessity (and a belt as well).

It was almost like Pretty Woman, because I figured we should shop at JC Penney’s, but there was no one who came forward to help us.. and we’d wandered around the men department for a bit so I said, “FINE, let’s go to Dillard’s.”

There, we met Dan Rice. An older gentleman who met us as we got off the escalator. I had my list in hand. (He told me later he thought we were on a scavenger hunt! LOL)

I explained what we needed and showed him the list. He was so excited! He said it had been a long time since he had been asked to help a young man figure out his first suit and business casual outfits, just before college. Dan helped us with EVERYTHING. Even shoes, although that wasn’t his department.

Dan explained what to look for in a suit jacket, color, size, etc. He explained what basic colors to start with for a young man’s very first suit. Blue jacket, dark grey pants and nice shirt. My son went with a lighter blue and then Dan helped us pick out a tie. He explained a bit and then my son found this really nice dark blue tie with a red stripe. Dan laid everything out and it looked fantastic! Dan also tied the tie so that my son can just pull it over his head when it comes time to wear it at the conference.

Then my son tried on more casual stuff, button up shirts, a nice pair of tan slacks, and business casual shorts (but not “grandpa style” as Dan explained. *grin* )

I hate to admit it, but I had fun! My son had fun too.
This is definitely a day that will go fondly into my memories.
Not quite ready for him to grow up, but today was a day when I could see the kind of man he is going to be. (And how handsome)
I am so very proud of him.

(oh yes, we walked back through Penney’s.. carrying all our bags.. I wanted to quote “that line” really loudly, but I know they aren’t on commission.. and no one would have probably understood the reference or even really cared… but I thought it…. and it made me smile. <3 ) I'm impressed with Roundtree & Yorke for the business casual shirts, shorts, and belt and the New York style of Hart Schaffner Marx (HSM 1887) suit blazer. The shoes were Rockport and they seem like they should be quite comfortable.


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