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My son may be a Crystal Child!

Dec 13, 2010

This is what I found when googling Crystal Children:

Channeled by Steve Rother for The Group

From Steve:

The Group has been talking recently about the return of the Crystal children. These are the children that are our next level of human evolution. The Indigo’s have been changing the paradigms and our structures to make space for us to evolve. They have entered, moving a little faster than most of us, and have had great difficulties as they stretched our belief systems and the way we interact with children. Their higher purpose, according to the Group, is to make room for our next stage of evolution. The Group labeled this next step the ‘Children of Crystal Vibration‘. At the beginning of these messages in 1996 the Group said ‘if’ you can make the planet safe for their return they will come. In October of 2000 they said for the first time that it is no longer ‘if’ but now a question of ‘when’ this special level of humans would start filtering into our reality. Only recently did the Group say that now the Crystal kids are starting to enter. What happened to set the stage for this? In a time when humanity has seemed to take a step backwards, why are these kids now entering? Good question. . .

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Greetings from Home.

The events on Planet Earth have led you to a special place, dear ones. What lies before you at this very moment is a possibility for humanity to move into a level of vibration that was not thought to be possible. Please understand that what you see as road blocks now before you are truly opportunities to clear the way for your own evolution.

Those that you call the Indigo children have already shifted the focus of humanity. Because of their work and sacrifice you are learning to make space in your reality for empowered humans. They have done well and will now begin to move into adulthood. As they do, they will shift the paradigms of all that is to follow. The Indigo children have begun the change of your systems that relate to children. Now watch the miracles that take place as they move into adulthood and change those systems as well. Imagine what the world will be like as the first Indigo world leaders take their place. As this unfolds, the New Earth will become firmly rooted in the balanced Crystal energy. You will see space created for empowered humans on Earth no matter their beliefs, sex, or origins. The work of those you call Indigo will be know forever as the great shift. They have come into a harsh world, shaken it up, and are making you re-think everything. These beautiful beings are direct and therefore may have appeared to you as abrasive. Enduring boredom is their greatest challenge. Blessed be the Indigo children for they are opening the door. Now let us tell you more of what is behind the door.

The Children of Crystal vibration are what you would consider to be the magical children with abilities that you have yet to understand. The attributes of Crystal Children are simply two-fold, they are extremely powerful and yet extremely vulnerable. They are highly evolved beings and have an understanding of what simple energy really is. Feats that you would think impossible may seem like child’s play to humans carrying the Crystal Vibration. You will begin to see magical abilities in human children that you have never seen before. Their basic understanding of energy will make it possible to manipulate energy in new ways.

Certain energy forms that you have adapted for your own use may be a bit difficult for the first Crystals to cope with. Electricity in particular may be awkward for some of the early Crystals as they acclimate. The energetic makeup of these children may cause unusual reactions to electrical devices. They have challenges defining their energetic boundaries and therefore, are empathic to electro magnetic fields. They may have a tendency to reflect back the energy they can not assimilate. It may be quite common for Crystal children to blow out electrical devices until they become accustomed to the energy. You will see children with abilities to physically move objects in ways you do not understand. You may see physical senses develop in some children that have never been part of the human experience prior. Even your sciences will have difficulty explaining what these children will see as simple energy. At first, Crystal Children will tend to gather in groups where they can hold space for each other. They will form groups and grow together supporting each other energetically. They will do it all by themselves so parents of Crystal children will not need not worry about finding the best environment for their children. Expect to see groups of ‘magical children’ with abilities that exceed far beyond the norm you have known. As time goes on you will see an acclimation of this energy and you will become more accustomed to the odd stories that will circulate about strange new abilities of some children. Watch for these and prepare yourself, for these are the physical signs that the human race is evolving. This is the return of the Children of Crystal vibration.

You are seeing only the scouts thus far that have begun to enter and test the waters. These are children carrying the very first of the Crystal energy in human form. As powerful as they are, they are carrying only hints of the energy that is to come in the next few years. Thus far, in our speaking to you we have referred to them as the Crystal Children, intimating that they are separate from yourselves. Please understand that they are you in higher vibrational form. We have labeled them the Crystal Children to mark a milestone in your own evolution, yet in time you will call them only ‘kids’. There are no special words needed to describe you to you.

Many of you have great sensitivity to the emotional energy fields of others. This sensitivity is how you so effectively tap into their energy as they come to you for facilitation. This sensitivity may have caused problems as you took on others energy thinking it was your own. Some of you have great difficulty in this area. We also tell you that it is this same attribute that makes you such intuitive healers. As with most of you, when you first began to utilize these attributes they may have seemed magical to those around you. Please understand that the Children of Crystal Vibration have sensitivity beyond your comprehension. They will be inside your head knowing, not only what is in your thoughts, but also what is in your heart. Even now as humanity reaches higher vibrational status we tell you that you are beginning to read each others minds. If you were to see through the eyes of a Crystal Child, you would be saddened to see so many people living their entire lives attached to archaic and outdated beliefs. Having this sight will not be easy for them. In the fifth dimension on the New Planet Earth there will be no more secrets. At first they will feel like they must endure this sensitivity, yet like you, this will also turn out to be their great gift. Unlike the children of Indigo vibration, the Crystal children are so sensitive that they may feel threatened by the harshness of what people are holding in their hearts. Some will find safety in retreating and going within. There are some people who will think this a sign of weakness and may even attempt to exploit these gentle beings. Let us set your mind at ease when we tell you that exploitation will not be possible. The Children of Crystal vibration are powerful beyond your understanding. Even though they may have great difficulty understanding and interacting, they will always know their true power and who they are.

The biggest challenge that will face the Children of Crystal vibration is that their great sensitivity to energy will also uncover their inability to deal with other peoples fear. Fear is an emotion, opposite of love, based on a belief in lack. The Children of Crystal vibration will enter with a new belief system that will make it difficult for them to have a reference for fear in their reality. Couple this with their energetic sensitivity and you will find that when these higher vibrational humans are surrounded with human fear, they will have a tendency to reflect back that fear, amplifying it in the process. It could be said that the Children of Crystal vibration are allergic to the lower vibrational emotion of fear. As the first of these children enter, they may need help in dealing with the general fear around them. It is here that we challenge you to take steps now in preparation for their return. To make Earth a safe place for your next step in evolution, it will be necessary to drastically reduce fear in your reality in the next few years. Alleviating fear is only possible on a personal basis. If Light is the highest expression of Love and fear is the opposite of Love, then it is easy to see that the real work of Lightworkers is to learn to replace fear with Love in all situations. This is underway now. The emotion of fear is a vacuum that feeds on itself. Fear is only a lack of information. Fill in the vacuum with information and there is no fear. Even if the information is not correct it can still fill the void until the correct information is known. Even in your recent experiences with terrorism, you see that you are no longer afraid of things that terrified you only months ago. As devastating as that was, the potential outcome is known and there is no longer a vacuum. It is hence that one can only be fully human when they are no longer in fear of dying. Take this challenge and move forward into creating your reality with passion and fear not!

Because of the great work that the Indigo children are now doing and the adjustments you are making to accommodate them, the Children of Crystal vibration have an opportunity to allow your spirits to thrive in this higher energetic structure. For those of you who choose, you may raise your energy to match that of the Crystal children through the process of overlight. The times that lie directly ahead will be filled with wonderment as the Children of the New Earth take control of their reality. To them and to you brave Lightworkers who are making this possible, we proudly say:

Welcome Home.

It is with the greatest of love for you that we ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another and play well together.

. . .the Group


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