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My thoughts on the Summerlands… (because of a question from a new friend)

Apr 20, 2007

Okay… I believe that a “soul” has choices when the physical body needs to rest.

The soul progresses through many lifetimes to learn things. To experience things. Yes. I believe in reincarnation.

I believe that the soul chooses the life they lead. Rather like a job description… When in the pure state of the soul, they know what they need to learn and what they need to experience, so they are able to choose a life that will allow them the opportunity to experience and learn what they need to do to progress forward. No, I’m not saying that we have a complete predestined fate… but certain circumstances do occur, certain locations, certain parents, certain genes.. all lead to a basic idea of what “could” happen, depending on choices. The life choices made once earthbound are pure freedom.. not fate..

(Just to make it more confusing, I do believe in fate to a degree. Some things are just meant to happen.)

And thence comes the learning and the experiencing. Once we are upon the earth, we mostly forget what we are supposed to do.. but we always seem to be searching for it… Once we have succeeded, we have a choice to go on (live longer) or a chance to die. Yes.. I feel it is a “chance” and we choose at that moment whether or not we are ready or wish to move on. Often, we know there is someone else we need to help or something else we could do to help another soul progress.

But this explains why people die at unfortunate ages… they have completed what they came to do and wanted to progress to the next step. Yes, the other earthbound souls are “left behind” but since many people do not understand or believe as I do, this “leaving” and moving on can be devastating. Sometimes, even if we do understand, the physical death can still be devastating. (I would be destroyed if anything ever happened to my son.)

So, the soul progresses, either successfully or unsuccessfully. If there is difficulty or once everything is “learned” and “experienced” then there are the Summerlands. This is like “heaven” in a way. It’s just a place where souls rest… souls live.. souls be.

But, even if everything is “learned” and “experienced”, souls still can have the option to return to earth. Some of these are known as “old souls” … there are souls which are old.. and then there are souls which are complete. I haven’t met any who were “complete”. The young souls are those who still have much to learn.. much to experience… and middle aged souls who are basically like middle aged people.. prally at least half-way to complete.

So.. those are my thoughts on the afterlife…



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