• Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

My tree and I

I’ve done this for years.. and didn’t even know I was doing it.

How delightfully magical!


You can talk to trees and they can talk to you. You can also enlist their aid and their incredible strength – and most importantly, you can help them in return. Trees are, simply put, remarkable beings! They are ageless, patient, strong, serene, loving, giving, nurturing and kind. Your life can be renewed and rewarded by befriending the trees. And I will be teaching you how to commune with the trees in a language that they, and indeed all of Nature’s Spirits, understand. Always remember that theirs in not a world of logic as we understand it, although they do possess intelligence and wisdom – it is different from, and in many ways, beyond our own. For theirs is a Way that reaches back to the beginning of time, before the Age of Dinosaurs… and is infinitely more ancient than any humans can know or understand.
So how are we to communicate with trees you might ask? Through LOVE (The Universal Language), with creativity, with passion, humor and playfulness – all the range of positive human emotion. Please bear in mind though, that when communing with Tree Spirits, one must not do so in a mechanical, hollow, unfeeling manner – for this will not work very well at all. One must sincerely put their heart and soul into the prayer for it to be truly heard – This is the language the trees understand.
Now to be totally frank with you, I believe that tree prayers are best done when they are spontaneous and from the Soul, so any ideas you read here are just that: ideas. Hopefully they will inspire you and get you started in developing your own joyful and powerful relationship with the Tree Beings.


I'm Me!