• Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

My weekend at the Psychic Fair

Went to the Psychic fair…
Had a coupla freebees…
(Universe trying to tell me something? LOL and *sigh*)

so, a tarot reading, My “awakening” about my mom may or may not be true. (And she said likely it is…) BUT
it won’t change who she is.. she STILL will not get beyond the judgmental, attitude wall she’s created. I’m not supposed to waste energy hoping that my awakening would be an awakening for her. I will not spend a lot of energy, but… I AM a catalyst, so I wont give up completely either. I just won’t have as high expectations as I did going in. I can’t ever give up on anyone.. not even my adopted mom-bitch.

This awakening may still lead to forgiveness. We’ll see. ;) There’s hope for that.. and that is MY problem anyway, not hers, so I will use my newfound knowledge to work on that.

Then I was supposed to get a Intuitive Picture drawn. There was some issues. Apparently there was a sign up sheet that no one was aware of (My best friend from FHSU, Drayuh, wanted me to get this done.. She held my spot, but I still ended up having issues.) Anyway, sat there and waited for quite a while. When it came to be what I thought was my turn, that was when we were informed that there was a sign up sheet. (Another lady had been waiting with me. It might be a good idea to put up a sign, people.. WE aren’t the psychic ones!!)

The booth next to Michelle’s had some organic people called Zeropoint:  http://slynch.zeropointglobal.com/
and she took pity on me (guess I looked depressed, pissed and exhausted) and let me try some of her Ciprus Silk. It was amazing!!
Then, she said “what the heck” and dabbed me with the Mint Matrix on my crown, third eye and the back of my neck. I was totally revitalized!! Okay, this stuff is expensive, but WOW! I’m thinking I’ll be able to make something similar with herbal ingredients that will have similar results.. Note to self: GOOGLE IT!
Either way, I was a new person, new attitude, and had new friends.  Shimon and Keliyah are amazing people who’s lives have been turned around by these products. It’s even eliminated his allergies!

So, after the lovely Mary Lou finished her painting (and gave me warm huggles and kisses for asking me to wait) it was finally my turn. The time? 6:30ish. Yeah, 30 mins till the faire was supposed to close…

Right off the bat, she impressed me. She said there were lots of cats around me and mentioned one in particular which turned out to be China.  (I told her my story about China)

She also saw a lot of Blue Lotuses around me. She thought perhaps I was Buddhist. I told her no, but I was working on my spirituality. She told me I had a lot of compassion and love for people and I never judged them that I took them at face value. She seemed surprised. *I* was surprised because I know I TRY to do those things, but hadn’t realized it was making an impact on who I am and how I’m “seen” psychically. It’s good to know what I’m attempting is succeeding at some level. This helped give me a new insight and encouraged me to not give up. I was thrilled to receive an acknowledgment of sorts for what I’ve been attempting. Perhaps that was another reason I was supposed to go. I kept asking for signs from the goddess that I was on the right path, that I am meant to observe, teach only when asked and to accept others’ paths as their own, even if I see they are not going where they need to go. It is their PATH and I need to allow them to follow it.

Then she saw an owl and a wolf, but by this time, the lights were being turned off. I paid the $50 and asked if she could mail it to me (or drop it off with Denise or someone) and she said fine. Generally it costs $5 for shipping and handling, but all I had was a 10 and they didn’t have change (guess that’s what happens when you deal with the BIG bucks..*sigh*) and her husband, Leo, said that since I have to wait, they will cover the S&H. Michelle seemed surprised and gave him a hug. Hmmm.. insight says that maybe HE pushes her to get what she is worth and that he protects her to make sure she can handle everything. Wouldn’t be surprised at all. Good caring young man. She’s lucky to have him.

Yeah, I left a lot less frustrated and now it’s Monday when I’m writing this and I still don’t know when I’ll get my pix, but the Lotuses, the cats, my mysticism, my acceptance of people for who they are, are all parts of who I am and who I’ve been trying to be. (Well, the Lotuses are new, I must research). She also told me that Astral Projection comes naturally to me, but that being a mother makes it so that I have more earthly ties than normal. Once my son gets older, I’ll go back to my journeys with a peace of mind. *grin* I can’t wait!

All in all, it happened as it was meant to happen and thanks to so many synchronicities, I was able to pull the best from the experience and leave the rest behind. My thoughts and attitude have been much clearer since. I could almost say I’m back to normal.. (Whatever normal is)

Anyway, my son and I did a house cleansing last night. (and set off a smoke alarm. Goddess I need to find new sage bundles.. do not like this new one.. *sigh* ) It was powerful and felt right. Especially with the living room carpet gone, so much of the negativity from that was even gone. Amazing how much power simple THINGS can have… and that carpet had quite a history.

Under the carpet was part of a air return. 3/4 of it was boarded up, so we crossed our fingers and hoped for a treasure.. LOL
We did find a penny (1991) and some marbles and and stuff. oops, disturbed a fairy spot. So we added more shiny pennies (and left everything else) and added a crystal from the mining trip in Arkansas. :) I think they will be appeased… We do regularly gift them in the moon garden, but now they have more stuff in the house.. :)

In addition to the cleansing, we did a protection spell. Not against anything specific (at least not in my son’s mind, mine was a bit more specific) and charged a protection piece which will remain on my son’s alter. Then we talked about self protection and mirrors. My son actually has this ball that has reflective pieces in it and I told him that is what he needs to surround himself with. Reflections so that anything bad gets pushed away, and since the reflective pieces float and dance, the good can get through. Evil / negativity / bad stuff doesn’t like reflections, I told him.. but good things can look into a mirror and not be frightened. (Actually this is a bit better than I explained it last night so I might share this with him too. Hey, it was late (early – time change) blah.

Anyway, I think he got the basic concept of self protection. Anything that is negative and doesn’t come from himself. (Like when he feels sad for no reason)

We’ll see how this turns out. Either way, t’was a good learning experience for all of us and Kevin being 10 does need to learn about self protection .. especially since he is so sensitive and empathic.


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