• Thu. Sep 28th, 2023

Nanny leaves, need child care, tarot reading and imbolc

Things have gotten interesting since I wrote here last.
I’ve lost my baby’s nanny. She is my niece. She is only eighteen years old, and being tied down to a child is tough for anyone at any age. She tried to find a night job, but there really wasn’t anything out there. So, now she is moving back to the big city where she should be able to find a job, and will be near her friends. I don’t blame her, when I was her age, I couldn’t have done this. Taken care of a relative’s child all day, then do nothing at night. Eighteen is the age for FUN!! Of course, it didn’t help that I really couldn’t pay her.

So, these past two weeks, I’ve been trying to find child care. Reasonably priced child care. HA! Well, I found a friend who is a stay-at-home mom who is willing to give it a try, and she says that I can pay whatever I can afford. I hope this works out. I hope my son likes her. I mean, he’s met her and all, but he’s never stayed with her. I guess we will find out Monday!

Last week, I did my first Tarot reading on someone else. Usually, I just do readings on myself, but this time I did one for my niece. It went really well, and my niece was happy with the results. Very happy. It felt really good!!!

I still haven’t found my BOS. I haven’t had much time to look, but I did go through a couple of boxes with books in them, looking for a book for my husband. Nothing there. I didn’t even find the books my husband was wanting. *sigh*

Imbolc came and went. I sent love and thoughts to the Goddess, but I didn’t perform any rituals. I REALLY need my BOS. The moon was just gorgeous the other night. There was snow on the ground, and I swear that everything just glowed in the moonlight!!

Blessed Be!


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