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Need this job – stressed out

Apr 23, 2001 #energies, #job, #portfolio, #teacher

I be majorly stressed out.. Got this job interview tomorrow, and I NEED this job like you would not believe….

(hell, they called this morning and said, can you come in tomorrow for an interview??!?! Are they insane? Do I have my portfolio together? Hell no, who’s fault is that, mine… I tried to teach my son a new word today… Procrastination… He just pulled my hair and laughed… ah youth)

Well wishers, candles, prayers, anything anyone who is reading this is willing to send would be soooo apreciated…

As I will be up all night trying to finish my portfolio.. (which is too damn colorful now.. I thought multi colors would be cool, but now it looks tacki and it’s too late to change… *sigh* why ME?!?!?!?)

(who is excited, terrified, and wonders if she COULD sleep even if she tried…. *sigh*)

Blessed Be!!


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