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Negativity is impacting my health

Feb 15, 2020

Today I pulled a card for myself. I got the 8 of Cups

Money & Career

In a career context, the Eight of Cups can indicate that you may walk away from a job that you no longer find fulfilling. You may be feeling like you are not on the correct career path and may be considering a complete career change. If you are in business, you may find yourself walking away from a business that is no longer viable or searching for new innovations or ideas to make your business competitive. The Eight of Cups can also simply indicate travelling in relation to work. In a financial context, the Eight of Cups warns to make prudent financial plans and to be smart with your money. Be sure you are aware of what’s going on with your money and if you are not happy with your financial advisers don’t be afraid to let them go and hire someone you trust. In some cases the Eight of Cups can indicate a financial loss, look to supporting cards for confirmation. 


In a health context, the Eight of Cups indicates that you may be spending too much time dwelling on the negative things in your life which could be having a negative impact on your health. Try to shift your focus as a positive outlook may help your health improve. A holiday might do you the world of good and give you a much needed boost.


In a spiritual context, the Eight of Cups indicates that you may be taking a voyage of self-discovery. You could find yourself doing a lot of soul-searching and introspection when this Minor Arcana card appears in your Tarot spread. You could find yourself abandoning old spiritual beliefs in your search for your own spiritual path.

8 of Cups

When the Eight of Cups shows up in a Tarot reading, you may feel compelled to walk away from a disappointing situation. It could mean turning your back on an unfulfilling relationship, job, career path, living arrangement or creative project that was once a source of great happiness to you but now only brings you pain. You have invested yourself emotionally but, despite your best efforts, are disappointed; it hasn’t turned out the way you had expected it to, and you realise that you are no longer getting anything out of this situation. Now, the only choice is to put it behind you and move on with your life, even if it brings you sadness as you say goodbye.

The Eight of Cups suggests you sense that something is missing, particularly on an emotional or spiritual level, and instead of waiting around for things to get better, you know you need to leave that unfulfilling situation. It may not make sense to others because on the face, it looks as if you have everything you had wished for – but, deep down, you know it’s not serving your Highest Good, and it’s time for you to let it go and move on.

The Eight of Cups can be a sign that you are trying to escape a problematic emotional situation or avoiding some major psychological issues and concerns. The Cups in the foreground represent emotional issues that remain real and present in your life. Yet you are trying to pretend as if they no longer exist, refusing to deal with them. You may repress your emotions or refuse to have open conversations with others about what’s happening, instead preferring to pretend as if everything is okay, or avoiding the scene altogether.

The Eight of Cups invites you to ask yourself what brings you joy, contentment and fulfilment on a deeper level. Without it, you might pursue goals that fail to give you the satisfaction you’re seeking. For example, you may think being in a long-term relationship is what you want, but when you manifest it, you realise that it’s not just the long-term relationship you want but a deep soul connection with someone. If that’s not there, then the relationship will not fulfil your needs no matter how long you stay together. So, if you find yourself repeatedly in these Eight of Cups situations where you have no choice but to walk away, spend time exploring what will bring you true happiness and realign your goals with your values.

Eight of Cups shares that you have emotionally over-extended yourself. Go deep within and regenerate your energy – search for a deeper meaning in life. Allow your Higher Self to search and find your “inner” need as you seek spiritual fulfillment. Your passionate nature and lust for life has lead to overindulgence to the point of burn-out. You are tired, feeling drained, depleted and emotionally ripped off as a result of filling other peoples needs and wants to the exclusion of your own. Dissatisfied and disappointed, you want something entirely different – but you don’t know what. Look for other alternatives, find the courage now to retreat and heal yourself. Take time out for yourself and search for meaning – a purpose that is worthy of your total commitment and dedication. Allow yourself to feel the “blahs”. Rest and you will regenerate as new ideas begin to germinate.

Your basic fortitude and hope for the future are strengths that other people depend on – some people are too needy, making you feel manipulated and used without a return of energy. Avoid this psychic drain and take time out to care for your own needs. The time has come to move on – put the ordinary things of life behind you and move forward. Withdraw from outer activity and seek a greater self-awareness. Prepare to leave this stable situation and journey into the unknown. Your ego is being broken down in order to free your spirit. Rest now, restore your energy in quiet solitude.

Mature emotions, secured with the lessons of love without improper attachment and capable of seeing beyond immediate surroundings. Your heart is opening wider, getting larger as you love expands beyond the immediate circle of mate, family and close friends into a more universal love. This is the heart’s parallel growth to the ego, which has begun to integrate with universal mind at this level. Emotional drive here, comes not from dissatisfaction with what you already have, but because your emotional world is growing, your emotional pie is actually getting bigger. Magically, everyone already in your life will still get the same size piece of pie, even as your time is prorated for others. Creative productivity and expansion. A blending of the masculine and feminine energy. Emotional efficiency creates an abundance of reliable inter-activity. Two’s – lessons learned in accommodating both, that set the stage for the highest emotional lesson – love of self and love of others must balance as they move toward becoming one and the same.

Questions to Answer:

What do you feel weary of or dissatisfied with?
What relationships or values are no longer relevant in your life?
What or who is drawing on your energy and leaving you feeling emotionally drained?
How can you withdraw or take time to renew yourself?


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