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New music!

Mar 2, 2007

Okay. I LOVE his music:Timothy Pike’s First Million (listeners!)
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Okay. So. At first I was woried it was spam, but when I went to his page… and such beautiful piano music started coming out of my speakers. I LOVE it.

I’ve always loved listening to piano.. and this young man is extremely talented.

So, I’m mentioning him in my blog, because I want to share. The world needs to be aware of his talent.

Okay.. So, I’m gushing a bit, but people who know me will know that I’m doing this only because it is the truth. I honestly would love to have a CD to play in my car or to take on SCA / Pagan outings. I hope I really do get a free CD! I will certainly listen to it often

If you don’t believe me. Take a listen yourself.

Plus.. Did I mention he is CUTE! *grin*


Filled out the form to get a “free” CD.
Bullshit. No Free CD. You gotta buy his first CD and you can get his 2nd CD Free.
I’m not gonna delete this post, but I am kinda pissy now. I do like his music, but I will not be able to purchase his music for a long time.. Money is too damn tight.


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