• Fri. Apr 12th, 2024

Jury Duty is suckin, of course. I hadn’t mentioned that yet.
Yeah, I got stuck. “Selected” for jury duty. It’s gonna be a long boring trial. *sigh*
Too many defendants (4) with too many Lawyers (5) plus 4 for the prosecution. We are getting all sorts of objections, redirects, cross-examinations and re- redirects. yuck.
More on that AFTER. (under oath to not talk about it.. or write, etc.)

Then, this eve, got a call from the Tracy-bitch. Actually, the call was from Dessa, my son’s sister, crying and telling her brother she loves him and misses him and happy Thanksgiving. I didn’t answer, but she left a message. I will save it so my son can hear it later. My son is at Grandma and Grandpa’s so I texted her back about that.

Then she said that my ex isn’t coming to get the kids and I texted back saying “He has no money. I’m sure if you brought them here he would appreciate it.” and then she said, “I offered him gas money” and I restated that I was sure if she brought them here, he would appreciate it.

I forward these to my ex, who calls me and tells me that she offered him gas money for one day, and he had to spend the day there with them. She also got the kids their shots, purposefully if you ask me, so that she wouldn’t have to take care of them after getting shots. (She’s done this before, which is why I think it is purposeful.)

After I got off the phone with my ex, I received one more text from her. “It wud cost me much more to drive the van & money isn’t much better here…355/wk daycare HURTS… nevr mind.. I shouldn’t have lt her call, I always regret any contact w u… At least u always kept ur visitation w kevin”

I’m just leaving it alone. The bitch ain’t worth it.


Thanks for listening…

oh yeah, forgot to mention that a student from.. um… 9 years ago told me he always had the hots for me when I was his teacher.
*rolls eyes*
Kinda scary, too.. with the way all these people are getting into trouble for relations with their students.. I never guessed any of my students felt that way.. now, I’m wondering… who else, if any.. and WHY? LOL
Ah well.


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