• Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

One of my FB appeals

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**How did Facebook get the decision wrong?**
In the past, I acknowledge I have posted images that could be considered a violation of Facebook Community Standards. For the past year, I have followed Community Standards. However, Facebook has once again decided to punish me for posts made years ago.
This is how they operate. To silence me, or shadow-ban me, since I have made no recent “violations of community standards”, they make it a point to go digging up old past posts to flag. They then use old violations as an excuse to restrict my account in the present. So even if I have done nothing wrong for a year, I’m on a continual “Account Restricted” status. My G-rated, innocent posts about cats are hardly seen by anyone, as a result of Facebook shadow banning me. My posts are suppressed. My ability conduct business under business-related pages are hampered.
Recently I was notified of a violation (for an image over 2 years ago), which I contested, and Facebook admitted they got their decision wrong… yet they kept me in “Facebook jail”. In any real-world situation, when cops arrest you, put you in jail, and then admit they made a mistake, they let you out of jail. However, in this digital space, Facebook is insistent on keeping me in permanent punishment. This makes no logical sense. This is not ethical.
I do not understand why they feel the need to keep punishing me over, and over, for mistakes made many years ago, when I currently do not post anything that violates community standards. This Notification for a post made in October 2019 (almost 2.5 years ago) is, in my opinion, garbage. Facebook has Community Standards against “Bullying and Harassment” but what is my recourse to appeal when Facebook itself bullies and harrasses me, it’s user? Short of legal action, how can I get Facebook to stop bullying me?
**Why did you post this content?**
I posted a meme thinking it would be funny. Yes, Facebook absolutely misunderstood my reason.
**Does this content involve important social issues?**
**Provide a summary for your submission**
Nudity rules should not apply to heavily-pixelated memes of buttocks.
**Is there anything else you think the board should know?**
Facebook has been harassing me and bullying me for over a year, and I have no recourse. I suspect they are angry at me for currently failing to violate their Community Standards, and so they look for past errors to keep punishing me in the present.


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