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Openly pagan discussion online

Aug 9, 2002 #fortuna, #pagan, #Wicca

Openly pagan discussion online….

“It is not what you say that makes your a believer of a way of practice, it is how you follow the basic beliefs of your chose religious base. I am a Wiccan. I have 2 pentagrams on. The ovidious one and the one I obtain shortly after my dedication oh 15 yrs or so ago is on a 32″ chain that falls amost to the end of the sternum. The other one is the one I received from Collin at Christmas. It is a Celtic Cross with a Circle where the arms met and in the circle is a pentagram. Unless it is called to someone’s attention no one sees the pentagram, just the cross.

My beliefs are my way of life. And in a number of cases where the person didn’t know my religious beliefs, I have been told I am the best “christian” they have ever met. So just live what you believe, let it guide your actions, even as a teacher, and you will not have to fear anyone.

I work in a hospital now, many people of variety of beliefs.”


My response…

I try to live what I believe. It certainly does guide my actions, more often than not, yet being in an Alternative school, there are quite a few different beliefs floating around. My boss, (directly over me) is agnostic. It was amusing the other day, when we were at an in-service, when the person in charge started the day with a prayer. He and I looked at each other and rolled our eyes. Interestingly, it was AFTER this that I found out he was agnostic. I suppose I should ask what it means to him to be agnostic, for I am not really sure what it means, myself, however, I worry that it would open doors to what my beliefs are and I still worry that it might interfere with my job. NOT with him, certainly, but with the center itself.

Some of our students are becoming more seriously religious. I am not certain which religion it is, but it is of Christian background. I do know that in some ways, this religion is interfering with these students in school. The religion is teaching them that they are right and everyone else is wrong. In a school such as this, it is extremely detrimental to the well-being and progression of these students. They are not open to people telling them that they are wrong, or that they need to do something that they feel is wrong. This includes breaking some rules that they do not feel are in their best interest. This also includes the methods of earning credits to earn their high school diploma. It has become very frustrating for us at the high school level. We haven’t, yet, heard if this is interfering at the other academic levels, but at our level, it is causing problems. These problems normally could be easily fixed, except it is their counselor who is taking them on these religious excursions. How can you explain to the person who is teaching them these beliefs that it is interfering with their schooling. It is something that will have to wait and be seen to be believed.

Now, what does this have to do with me? Well, simply put, if anyone were to find out I was Wiccan (and two of my students have already figured it out to some degree) then THAT would be a reason for this student to drop high school completely. If word got out, then I could see students protesting, the facility protesting, and me being asked to leave. That is my fear. That is why I just do not feel comfortable with living the way I would like to live. It’s not like I want to stop lessons to hold a ritual or anything, but I have a nice necklace that my husband got me, that I would like to wear. I do wear it under my shirt when I have a collar to hide it, but I guess what would be nice would be something that was a little bit smaller or more like the one you described that you received from Colin.

I can honestly say I think that I am good people. I care about people, especially my students, and I am one of those who will seriously fight for the rights of others. Already, my boss has told me that I need to chose my fights, because he has been there for 10 years and have tried to fight some of the battles and has not had any luck. He has not told me no, but has warned me that it will be a difficult fight, and since I don’t have tenure, the bosses above him might not approve. They certainly don’t approve of him all the time!! But he is a good person. (His secretary, is another story, but the karma will (and to some degree already is) going to come and haunt her.)

I guess my point is, Fortuna, thank you for this advice. Thank you for sharing that little bit of you and your life and it is my dream to someday achieve the level that you have found, the comfort and the ability to fit in.


And finally, her response to my response!! :)

“Yes you can post this to where ever you feel comfortable. I have grown some and am more stable in my work area that you are at the moment. Take a deep breath. Mom know’s how you feel, and your reasons why you need to live the way you do. It has been my experience that christians think I am a very good one because of my knowledge basis and how I treat others including myself. For me it is a secret smile and a yea to Mom. Always remember, we are not to judge how others believe. That is why so many died so long ago. They allowed the new christians to come into their lands, practice what they believed. The problem was others would not let the orginal belief systems alone. However a person finds their way to the ONE is the best way for them. And they need the room and support to follow their drummer.

By the way if you ever read a book called the “Circle of the Cosmic Muse”, this was written by a High Priestess, who is a Circle Mate and sister on mine. She has based you beliefs on astrology. She has had a business for over 15 yrs doing astrology and was married to a very well know astrologier writer Neil Anderson (I think). He passed away before I really got to know him around 90 – 91. I am Lady Joy of Heart mentioned in her book. So I have had my name published before.

Take care Love
May the Mother hold you in Her arms, give your soul the rest and energy needed to follow your path in life.
May the Father give you the strength to fight when needed and the courage to know when to hold your peace.”


Blessed Be!


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