Of course, it was in a box that I thought I had already gone through… Murphy’s law… I’m just so happy I found it!! AND more of my candles, etc. Yippee!!! Things are looking up on that end…

However. Childcare for my baby is not looking good. Maybe I am supposed to stay home with him during the day and get a night job, but I’ve heard that that will be hard on my marriage.… read more

Things have gotten interesting since I wrote here last.
I’ve lost my baby’s nanny. She is my niece. She is only eighteen years old, and being tied down to a child is tough for anyone at any age. She tried to find a night job, but there really wasn’t anything out there. So, now she is moving back to the big city where she should be able to find a job, and will be near her friends.… read more

Well, since the last time I wrote here, my neighbor’s house burnt down… all was lost. That which was not burned, was destroyed by smoke or water.

Also, I still have not found my BOS. I haven’t really had time this week to look, but I’ve gone thru at least 5 boxes, and still no sign of it. I’m trying to remember if I kept it on the plane with me, but I didn’t.… read more

Still no luck finding my BOS… I probably need to look harder…

Anyway, there is this lady that I work with. I’ve been wondering for a while now if she is a pagan. She is very Earthy and such. When she decorated for Christmas, one of her lights was in the shape of a pentacle. (Christmas lights on ceiling, circle with star) Then, for Christmas, she got me this gorgeous ceramic candle holder.… read more