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Past Lives Spread…

Dec 13, 2006

1. Who was I in my last life? Page of Swords (Rev)
2 Was I married? Knight of Shields
3 Was I happy in this past life? 10 of Shields (Rev)
4 What kind of work did I do in that life? 15 The Horned One (Rev)
5 Was I an honourable person? 13 Death
6 What type of problems or challenges did I deal with? 10 of Swords (Rev)
7 Was I a famous person? 6 of Cups
8 Was my health good during my past life? 9 of Cups (Rev)
9 How did I die? 4 The Emperor (Rev)
10 Did I have a soul mate? Knight of Swords (Rev)
11 Is my present love someone I knew during my past life? King of Cups
12. Am I linked to my parents of today from a past life of mine? Queen of Swords
13 Are any other members of my family from a past life of mine? 7 of Cups (Rev)
14 What do I need to learn from this lifetime? 4 of Cups
15 Will I reincarnate after this present life?? 4 of Shields

(layout like this)
>>>>>15>>>> >>>14>>>>>13>>>>

Anyway, so. What does it all mean?!?!?!?

Personally, I thought 15 was a stupid question. It’s my CHOICE to move forward. Of course I will reincarnate. And what the hell does my health in my past life have to do with anything?!?!?
Ah well.. it was still fun and interesting..
But honorable = Death… that’s … curious…
Obviously I was not a good person in that particular lifetime either…
I wonder if I ever was a truly “good” person..


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