• Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

Peace ceremony

Dec 22, 2020

Star light, Star bright
Northern Goddess of the night,
We send our visions up to you
While weaving magic tried and true…

We cast a Circle on this night
Cloaking Earth in rainbow light,
As air and fire, earth and water
Blesses all her sons and daughters…

Dancing ’round the Yule Tree
Spinning dreams of destiny,
We’re calling all humanity
To awaken from insanity…

We bind our spirits, hearts and hands
As peace is claimed for every land,
Touching, changing, Earth to Sky,
Healing wounds of days gone by…

Shine our visions out this night,
Wrap the world in silver light…
Kindle sparks of peace this Yule…
While bringing rebirth and renewal!
– JoAnna Silverwitch


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